Sivert Høyem : The Norwegian voice we’ve come to love

Sivert Høyem , once lead vocalist of the band “ Madrugada” is one of those performers & song writers that give you the impression they are out of this world … just too good to be true !!! Through his highly successful career with his band he has known worldwide recognition , reached great audiences and received rave reviews but his solo albums have revealed an even more exceptional, versatile and interesting artist to be discovered.

His extraordinary ability to build a close relationship with his audience and connect to them is remarkable and you can’t help but wonder how many people have missed on this experience. The experience of enjoying a distinctive , emotional , deep reaching voice with the power to blow you away … & one that you inadvertently listen to in a really special way.

Sivert’s amazing talent , hauntingly beautiful voice and sincere song writing have found their way into a lot of hearts and reflect the echoes of our souls , the thoughts of our weary , troubled minds , acting like a shelter from a world that is constantly changing. They become our reality , our escape and our inspiration. His music’s influence is long lasting and keeps unfolding inside us , no matter where we are , no matter what we do. There is an emotion and a sincerity in it that really strikes a chord and you simply get lost in the imagery and the feelings that he provokes. What more could a musician & devoted song writer ask for ?

Down to earth , living for music , writing about life’s big issues and sharing his truly unique , vibrant , original talent , there is no doubt that his voice has indelibly left its mark on the rock , folk , alternative , indie scene of the last fifteen years. Always trying to put something different in every record , he evolves beautifully and finds meaning in discovering new sounds , leaving us stunned and bewildered every time.

Sivert makes his INNER VISION ours too and is about to release his new album on the 10th of March.  “ENDLESS LOVE” is on the way !!!

Inner Vision, the new single, is finally out and is available for streaming : ( Official Site ) ( Inner Vision / Lyric Video )

Looking forward to all the inspirational music , poetic lyrics , amazing songs and monumental performances that are yet to come.

Forever in our hearts

inner vision

Discography :


  • 2004: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition
  • 2009: Moon Landing
  • 2010: Prisoner of the Road
  • 2011: Long Slow Distance

As Sivert Høyem & the Volunteers

  • 2006: Exiles

As Guest Vocalist

  • 2013: Vocals for the song “Phoenix” on the album Satyricon” by black metal band Satyricon

inner vision2


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