MUSE at their BEST …

When all is said and done … their heart lies on stage


One of my favourite bands ever , put on an epic show that could be nothing less than perfect. Watching  MUSE – LIVE AT ROME OLYMPIC STADIUM is an unrivaled opportunity to experience the full spectrum of their extraordinary talent , musicianship , showmanship and discover for yourselves what makes them so special. Having released two live show albums already they decided to record their third at “Stadio Olympico” in front of 60.000 fans which stands as evidence that people can’t get enough of them.


They undoubtedly give their audience a memorable , momentous evening of jaw dropping performances and ultimately leave us wondering what’s next. The use of detailed shots in combination with views from spider cameras hovering over the surging enthusiastic crowd , the huge digital screens , the actors on stage and an extravagant set , make this probably the most spectacular show of any MUSE tour up to now.

The trio from Devon , take us on a truly mesmerizing journey and introduce us to an entirely new experience of discovering epic older and more recent songs. As for the music itself , it is as professionally delivered as ever !!! Through their work they  reveal their thoughts on existential as well as contemporary issues , modern day capitalism , social alienation , fear of evolution of technology , resistance , love and evoke feelings that everyone can relate to.


The truth is that there are not many bands that put so much effort into their “ live” performances. I personally can’t think of many bands that virtually leave their heart on stage. Their shows definitely live up to their fans’ expectations and are tangible proof of their charismatic nature. Utilizing each venue in a variety of creative ways , being innovative and displaying admirably immense energy while performing , they never cease to be surprising and utterly entertaining.


In their latest release there is no doubt that , apart from all the visual aspects , their presence on stage , their passionate performances & the astounding mixing between instruments and vocals is close to perfection. As a matter of fact at some point the result even surpasses the listener’s expectations. Their interaction with their fans and the fact that Muse sound incredible live , is what makes the band an awesome live act with immense power and unparalleled electrifying energy.


A hardcore fan would probably complain about the absence of songs of albums like  “ Origin of Symmetry” or   “Absolution” which are two of their greatest. However this is a forgivable offense if we take into consideration the fact that their Live at Rome Olympic Stadium was a concert in support of their latest album “The Second Law”. Nevertheless the 20 songs chosen from their lengthy successful career are quite representative.


An almost perfect combination between rare talent and spectacle MUSE tours is an experience not to be missed but for all of us who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy this mind blowing event , Muse’s Live at the Olympic Stadium album is a must have. Take the time to buy yourselves a copy of this cd and immerse in the experience as it is also accompanied by a DVD ( feast for the senses ) featuring additional bonus tracks and videos that takes us on a journey behind the scenes.


MUSE have grown beautifully and to their credit , have done a really great job  in the pursuit of their ambitions.  It is clearer now that their  intricate sound has a distinctive quality that places them among the greatest bands of the last decades and though their studio albums like The Resistance demonstrate their more theatrical qualities , their sound is best captured and truly felt in the live setting. 


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that MUSE is  “one of the greatest live bands of our generation ” and  have a lot to live up to. As a matter of fact they have  earned fame through their talent and their success rests on tours and albums rather than hits and headlines. This inner strength they have, this desire to evolve and expand and explore will definitely take them to greater heights.


Enjoy their amazing music and discover new ways to transform and transcend the everyday…  😉


MUSE : Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Christopher Wolstenholme

Discography :

Live Videos from “ Stadio Olympico “

Plug in Baby :

Starlight :

Madness :



Track Listing


  1. Supremacy
  2. Panic Station
  3. Resistance
  4. Hysteria
  5. Animals
  6. Knights
  7. Explorers
  8. Follow Me
  9. Madness
  10. Guiding Light
  11. Supermassive Black Hole
  12. Uprising
  13. Starlight



  1. Intro
  2. Supremacy
  3. Panic Station
  4. Plug In Baby
  5. Resistance
  6. Animals
  7. Knights Of Cydonia
  8. Explorers
  9. Hysteria
  10. Feeling Good
  11. Follow Me
  12. Madness
  13. Time Is Running Out
  14. Guiding Light
  15. Undisclosed Desires
  16. Supermassive Black Hole
  17. Survival
  18. Isolated System
  19. Uprising
  20. Starlight

  Knights of Cydonia new Matt_Bellamy



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