Kurt Cobain : The legacy & the influence of a legend on a whole generation


Kurt Cobain , frontman and primary songwriter of the band Nirvana , would have turned 49 today. Instead , like so many other gifted artists , he died very young at the age of 27. Whether it was suicide or murder remains a matter of controversy. However , what is clear and probably the most important is his influence on a whole downcast generation.

For a band that released only three albums , Nirvana had a remarkably huge impact on the contemporary music world and continue to inspire young musicians and songwriters. Much to their credit , they were the very first to push alternative music from being on the sidelines for too long , into the mainstream. They opened a door for the young aspiring musicians of their generation and paved the way so that they could grab a chance at success.

Cobain has inspired almost twenty years of alternative and indie music , influencing modern music makers like no other. His wide ranging influences were key to the valuable legacy he left behind. Remarkably enough , he managed to combine the untamed energy of his band with his wit and his troubled thoughts.  

With their music  approach and attitude , Nirvana reminded the mainstream scene of what a pure rock gig should be like and the fans were fully committed to them. In fact young people could easily relate to them and their sound , forming a relationship that was admirably intimate. Teens were inspired to pick up a guitar , form a band  and do it for themselves. Cobain tried to give rock ‘n’ roll its soul and energy back. Though not a perfect soloist , his playing had a certain musicality and charm to it that didn’t really require any breathtaking feats of musicianship to impress.

His band spread ideas with a dynamic that made them look like a tidal wave with every chorus and created something both powerful and immediate that captivated a whole generation with its stunning originality and raw emotion. This influence has spread farther than expected to a variety of artists who have been affected in many ways. Trying to smash through every kind of pretentiousness Cobain made way for alternative music to reach wider audiences.  People were allowed to reconnect with a kind of music that felt real , more intimate and most importantly , relevant to them. Watching him perform gives you the feeling that he is one of the audience while at the same time being on stage.

Kurt Cobain is still adored by his many fans as the voice of his generation and his spirit still looms large over the alternative rock scene.  Struggling to face his demons and being tortured it seems that no-one could save him from himself in the end. He was one of the purest, most human voices  in rock music. A man who in his own struggle to understand himself , discovered the means to express himself through his songs. His death robbed the rock world of a rare talent but his legacy shows no signs of waning.


NIRVANA Discography :

Bleach (1989)  Nevermind (1991)  In Utero (1993)

MTV Unplugged in New York : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV45Z2l-8Rw

Heart shaped box : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CCo0lOxs7A

Come as you are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vabnZ9-ex7o

Nirvana Biography ( Rolling Stone ) : http://www.rollingstone.com/music/artists/nirvana/biography


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