When music comes to your rescue


Well, you might as well admit it ! How many times has music come to your rescue when nobody else was there ? I’ve lost count of all the times it stood by me , to be honest.

We all recall times when music  lifted a heavy burden off our shoulders , took us by the hand & showed us the way back to the light. Even in the darkest of times , it retains its magical power to heal every wound and give wings to the soul that longs to fly away from a reality we feel we don’t belong to. Music is a great beautifier , a unique spellbinder and a loyal , valuable companion in the journey of life.

It can speak so loudly and reach deep inside us in secret places of our complex inner world. It can touch and move us  in a welcome way that seems  so familiar and at the same time , express what words alone can’t. Feelings suppressed , haunting fears , dreams unfulfilled , blissful wishes  , words unspoken and hidden thoughts … all become one within a song. More often than not , it is the main reason for our soul to step out of its hiding place and start smiling again.

One of the sweetest addictions and the greatest escape of all !!! So many times I think about how many people have literally loved certain songs and how many of them have got through a lot of hard times because of the gift of music. For me , a song is a gift of the soul and it is priceless. Its value can be measured only by heartbeats , starry nights , heartfelt smiles , dreamy eyes , tears of salvation and journeys to faraway worlds of wonder. It even speaks in silence … long after it is over.

How truly blessed are the special people who can take their passion , their love , their pain , their fears , their troubled thoughts and turn them into something as beautiful as a song that touches and changes so many lives !!! Something that so many people connect to because it speaks directly to each and everyone in a mystical way. How is it possible not to love and be jealous of their relationship with music ? You get the feeling they are holding a key , to which the most tightly closed hearts open. How I wish I had the same power !!!

Music is something , one could keep writing about for hours and I am sure so many of you really feel the same way about it. Whenever you find yourselves in troubled times , whenever your  soul is restless , your  thoughts are weary and your heart is heavy … you run to music for shelter. Every time you feel overwhelmed by emotions and look for a way to express them or to be solaced , dear music is always there. It’s there even at you worst , when your life looks like a melody with all the lyrics messed up . It never turns its back on you. The most stable relationship of all.


Truth is …

If it weren’t for music , we would feel that love is mortal

If it weren’t for the songs , our souls would have no voice

If it weren’t for its warm glow &  its sweeping power ,

everything would seem so wrong and empty


Infinite like love and Powerful beyond measure … That’s music ❤ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬


and for that one moment
while the music plays …
you know who you are &
everything you wish to be ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

music 3

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