MUSE at their BEST …

When all is said and done … their heart lies on stage


One of my favourite bands ever , put on an epic show that could be nothing less than perfect. Watching  MUSE – LIVE AT ROME OLYMPIC STADIUM is an unrivaled opportunity to experience the full spectrum of their extraordinary talent , musicianship , showmanship and discover for yourselves what makes them so special. Having released two live show albums already they decided to record their third at “Stadio Olympico” in front of 60.000 fans which stands as evidence that people can’t get enough of them.


They undoubtedly give their audience a memorable , momentous evening of jaw dropping performances and ultimately leave us wondering what’s next. The use of detailed shots in combination with views from spider cameras hovering over the surging enthusiastic crowd , the huge digital screens , the actors on stage and an extravagant set , make this probably the most spectacular show of any MUSE tour up to now.

The trio from Devon , take us on a truly mesmerizing journey and introduce us to an entirely new experience of discovering epic older and more recent songs. As for the music itself , it is as professionally delivered as ever !!! Through their work they  reveal their thoughts on existential as well as contemporary issues , modern day capitalism , social alienation , fear of evolution of technology , resistance , love and evoke feelings that everyone can relate to.


The truth is that there are not many bands that put so much effort into their “ live” performances. I personally can’t think of many bands that virtually leave their heart on stage. Their shows definitely live up to their fans’ expectations and are tangible proof of their charismatic nature. Utilizing each venue in a variety of creative ways , being innovative and displaying admirably immense energy while performing , they never cease to be surprising and utterly entertaining.


In their latest release there is no doubt that , apart from all the visual aspects , their presence on stage , their passionate performances & the astounding mixing between instruments and vocals is close to perfection. As a matter of fact at some point the result even surpasses the listener’s expectations. Their interaction with their fans and the fact that Muse sound incredible live , is what makes the band an awesome live act with immense power and unparalleled electrifying energy.


A hardcore fan would probably complain about the absence of songs of albums like  “ Origin of Symmetry” or   “Absolution” which are two of their greatest. However this is a forgivable offense if we take into consideration the fact that their Live at Rome Olympic Stadium was a concert in support of their latest album “The Second Law”. Nevertheless the 20 songs chosen from their lengthy successful career are quite representative.


An almost perfect combination between rare talent and spectacle MUSE tours is an experience not to be missed but for all of us who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy this mind blowing event , Muse’s Live at the Olympic Stadium album is a must have. Take the time to buy yourselves a copy of this cd and immerse in the experience as it is also accompanied by a DVD ( feast for the senses ) featuring additional bonus tracks and videos that takes us on a journey behind the scenes.


MUSE have grown beautifully and to their credit , have done a really great job  in the pursuit of their ambitions.  It is clearer now that their  intricate sound has a distinctive quality that places them among the greatest bands of the last decades and though their studio albums like The Resistance demonstrate their more theatrical qualities , their sound is best captured and truly felt in the live setting. 


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that MUSE is  “one of the greatest live bands of our generation ” and  have a lot to live up to. As a matter of fact they have  earned fame through their talent and their success rests on tours and albums rather than hits and headlines. This inner strength they have, this desire to evolve and expand and explore will definitely take them to greater heights.


Enjoy their amazing music and discover new ways to transform and transcend the everyday…  😉


MUSE : Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Christopher Wolstenholme

Discography :

Live Videos from “ Stadio Olympico “

Plug in Baby :

Starlight :

Madness :



Track Listing


  1. Supremacy
  2. Panic Station
  3. Resistance
  4. Hysteria
  5. Animals
  6. Knights
  7. Explorers
  8. Follow Me
  9. Madness
  10. Guiding Light
  11. Supermassive Black Hole
  12. Uprising
  13. Starlight



  1. Intro
  2. Supremacy
  3. Panic Station
  4. Plug In Baby
  5. Resistance
  6. Animals
  7. Knights Of Cydonia
  8. Explorers
  9. Hysteria
  10. Feeling Good
  11. Follow Me
  12. Madness
  13. Time Is Running Out
  14. Guiding Light
  15. Undisclosed Desires
  16. Supermassive Black Hole
  17. Survival
  18. Isolated System
  19. Uprising
  20. Starlight

  Knights of Cydonia new Matt_Bellamy




Lost and alone … forever wandering

How many times we really feel like crying

We know it well , we’re passers by but

Every single night we raise our eyes up there

Waiting for stars to shine their light upon us

Waiting for signs in a bewildered sky

Hidden , locked up within our secret world

Where hopes and haunting fears collide

Angels who’ve lost their silver wings

Longing for what they’ve dreamed of …

But yet , ready to fly

_ _ _

Our souls adrift upon the tides of time

Like drops of water lost within an endless ocean

Like tiny grains of sand in golden dunes of life

_ _ _

We meet , we part and then again we always cry

For our mistakes and all the words we never meant

Moments we had within our grasp but never spent

Burning our wings like little moths that lost their way

Unable to resist the warmth of tempting flame

Hearts given to desire , then betrayed , but

Still none but ourselves we have to blame.

Defying shadows that obscure the light

_ _ _

Dreaming and wishing for a miracle to come our way

Falling from grace , by fate’s cruel hand being swept away

Trapped , often bleeding but never giving up on hope

Emerging from our past’s cruelest deceit

Embracing loving thoughts & shining bright

We keep our poor misguided hearts alight .

_ _ _

Our souls adrift upon the tides of time

Like drops of water lost within an endless ocean

Like tiny grains of sand in golden dunes of life

_ _ _

Still wide awake , we never really say goodbye

To all the things  that keep us still alive & fighting

Like clouds searching for limits in an endless sky

Keep chasing   magic rainbows …

We still believe in love that’s never dying .

( Caught somewhere between Dream & Reality ) M.K.  (  Lunatic Soul _ Adrift  )


What is this thing called love ?


What is this thing called love ? An everlasting question about the greatest emotion of all.

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. Love lifts us up where we belong. It awakens the soul and makes us reach for the impossible. Because of love , we see miracles that are invisible to other people’s eyes. 

It’s true that when you love , you open your heart knowing that there’s a chance it may be broken one day and in opening your heart, you experience things you never dreamed possible. It often makes you feel so vulnerable but at the same time it liberates and completes you. Falling in Love is one of the most beautiful experiences in one’s life and songs are perhaps the ultimate medium through which this feeling can be expressed so beautifully!!! Love has always been a source of inspiration and music has the power to give life to emotions and words that could not be expressed differently. When in love , you suddenly find new meaning in songs you previously disregarded. They seem to speak directly to you and every single lyric takes on so much more weight.

Can just a few songs squeeze the boundless , eternal emotion we call love ? How can music give wings to the heart and express all the things that cannot be put into words … ?

LOVE SONG – Tori Amos ( The Cure cover )

No ordinary love – Sade

          Wicked Game – Chris Isaak    

           With or without you – U2

 Someone like you – Adele

Chasing cars – Snow Patrol

       Fix you – Coldplay

 Unintended – MUSE

The Weight of the world – Editors

           Lover you should have come over – Jeff Buckley


THE NATIONAL : A beautiful band of Subtle Revelations

the national photo

My introduction to the National’s music came rather late around 2010 while they had already released their fifth album “ High Violet ” but I have to admit that I was so pleasantly surprised and certain that there was something exceptional going on there. They can be described as one of those bands that takes you a while to understand but once you do , you surely get hooked to their music & mesmerizing vocals. This special kind of bitter- sweet reflective rock slowly grows on you and before you know it you become a fan. Their latest album « Trouble will find me » proved me right and to my mind is probably one of their most self-referential albums and one of the best albums released in 2013. It debuted at number three on the US Billboard chart and was nominated for Best Alternative Album at the Grammy Awards. It has admittedly received complementary reviews.

For the past 14 years the American band formed in  Cincinnati , Ohio, comprised of two sets of brothers and a friend, have struggled but managed successfully to develop a sound distinctly their own. Recognition took quite a long time to arrive but they never stopped chasing every possible avenue the music could go down. Staying independent  and mostly true to themselves they have managed to find their way as well as recognition on a large scale.

They seem to know how to convey the mood of their music and everything they are trying to deliver is completely on mark , making their work incredibly intimate. One could describe their music as sensitive , dark , humorous , tender and insecure at times. The truth is that once you go deeply into it and spend time listening , you find new things to identify with , new paths to follow and reasons to laugh or grieve for all the things that could have been. Ways to confront with your own demons and realize the futility of living in the past.

With the release of their sixth album , THE NATIONAL clearly seem more confident than ever and willing to expand their sound , to experiment without worrying what the audience would like to hear. After all they don’t need to prove their identity any longer. They deliver us a brilliant album with its optimistic , darker , melancholic moments but without doubt one that explores and covers a wide range of sounds and themes , fraught with melodies that are easily memorable & powerful vocals. Their album sounds so familiar and instantly finds its way to your to your inner world. Lyrics that deal with existential issues that you can easily connect to , since you recognize yourself in them and small moments of greatness make it grow on you but at the same time it leaves so many things to be discovered. Sea of love , Fireproof , I need my girl and Graceless are some of my favourite tracks.

The National prove to be a band of subtle revelations and through their sound they demonstrate the courage to continue being true to themselves , picking at all the things that often eat on us , disappoint , hurt , haunt , dishearten or give us the strength to carry on. One can’t fail to notice that they have a special way of scratching the surface to discover what is well hidden underneath. Real strivers , they have worked harder than other bands to find their place in the indie rock world , demonstrating inventive , excellent musicianship , persistence , love and skills required to reach their goal.

Look for the sincerity and the serenity of their music when trouble tries to find you and keep a close eye on them. They may be one of the reasons to rediscover music , see your own issues from a different angle , let go of what’s bothering you & triumph over your fears.


THE NATIONAL  : Matt Berninger, Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner, Scott Devendorf, Bryan Devendorf

 The National – I Need My Girl (Live Acoustic) video :


Official Site :

You Tube Channel :

The National on Spotify :

Sivert Høyem : The Norwegian voice we’ve come to love

Sivert Høyem , once lead vocalist of the band “ Madrugada” is one of those performers & song writers that give you the impression they are out of this world … just too good to be true !!! Through his highly successful career with his band he has known worldwide recognition , reached great audiences and received rave reviews but his solo albums have revealed an even more exceptional, versatile and interesting artist to be discovered.

His extraordinary ability to build a close relationship with his audience and connect to them is remarkable and you can’t help but wonder how many people have missed on this experience. The experience of enjoying a distinctive , emotional , deep reaching voice with the power to blow you away … & one that you inadvertently listen to in a really special way.

Sivert’s amazing talent , hauntingly beautiful voice and sincere song writing have found their way into a lot of hearts and reflect the echoes of our souls , the thoughts of our weary , troubled minds , acting like a shelter from a world that is constantly changing. They become our reality , our escape and our inspiration. His music’s influence is long lasting and keeps unfolding inside us , no matter where we are , no matter what we do. There is an emotion and a sincerity in it that really strikes a chord and you simply get lost in the imagery and the feelings that he provokes. What more could a musician & devoted song writer ask for ?

Down to earth , living for music , writing about life’s big issues and sharing his truly unique , vibrant , original talent , there is no doubt that his voice has indelibly left its mark on the rock , folk , alternative , indie scene of the last fifteen years. Always trying to put something different in every record , he evolves beautifully and finds meaning in discovering new sounds , leaving us stunned and bewildered every time.

Sivert makes his INNER VISION ours too and is about to release his new album on the 10th of March.  “ENDLESS LOVE” is on the way !!!

Inner Vision, the new single, is finally out and is available for streaming : ( Official Site ) ( Inner Vision / Lyric Video )

Looking forward to all the inspirational music , poetic lyrics , amazing songs and monumental performances that are yet to come.

Forever in our hearts

inner vision

Discography :


  • 2004: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition
  • 2009: Moon Landing
  • 2010: Prisoner of the Road
  • 2011: Long Slow Distance

As Sivert Høyem & the Volunteers

  • 2006: Exiles

As Guest Vocalist

  • 2013: Vocals for the song “Phoenix” on the album Satyricon” by black metal band Satyricon

inner vision2