PLACEBO : Still very much alive and loud



Since their first album back in 1996 , when PLACEBO first exploded onto the rock scene , they  have admittedly remained quite loyal to the image they originally carved  which has rewarded them with thousands of loyal fans worldwide.

They are back with their seventh album which will definitely appeal to their long time fans. LOUD LIKE LOVE has a strange audible warmth to it that helps it buoy Placebo’s often melancholic songs. In terms of production there is a certain kind of spark , a maturity  and a dramatic tension to many of the songs that is rather familiar. An album loaded with Molko’s high-pitched vocals that he charismatically uses to convey the feeling of his songs. Perhaps in a less intense way this time but yet appealing and easily absorbed.

From MEDS ( released in 2006 ) onwards it has been claimed that the band have lost a part of their former charm  that probably made them so attractive to all the outcasts and they seem to have dropped their very dark gritty , spirited riffs and deviant behavior . However we should bear in mind that even bands have to grow , mature and evolve.  Their newest album is another strong step for them.

“ Loud Like Love ” is also the opening track that has a unique grace about it , spewing love and clarity. Tracks like “ A million thousand pieces ” resemble an open vein from which Molko’s inner psyche seems to flow. This is after all , something he has always been able to do with great ease , unabashed honesty and vulnerability.  Most of the songs are full of sensitivity , simplicity , honesty and make an effort to strike a balance between deeply moving emotions and less intense moments. Even though they sound more mature , their known  template doesn’t change much on the rest of the album.

Still seductive , with lyrical wit and sensitivity … there has always been far more to them than meets the eye. One might say that their best days are behind them , but we cannot doubt the fact that from the moment you press play , it is obvious that this is a typical Placebo album , with all the elements that have made them so popular. Trying to present familiar themes in a refreshed setting , it may not be a repetition of their past history or former triumphs but it continues their story in the same vein , on the same path.

If you are one of those who have kept up with them over the years , then you will probably have the album in your collection. In case you have lost touch , “ Loud Like Love ” is more than enough to entice you and bring you back.

♪ ♫ ♩ ♫ …

Sing LOUD LIKE LOVE and even louder … Rediscover PLACEBO , take a dive into a beloved familiar world and find your missing pieces


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