Coldplay announces new album “ Ghost Stories ”


It’s been quite a while since Coldplay’s last album “ Mylo Xyloto ” but it looks like they are back. After a lengthy world tour , the British group announced that its sixth album will be a nine-track record called “ Ghost Stories ” which is about to be released on May 19th and will be proceeded by their single “ Magic ”.

Their sound seems to have changed and they follow more experimental paths , showing us a rather different side from what we have been used to. Is it a bold new direction for the favorite band ? We will find out soon ! The cover artwork of the album features a pair of angel’s wings with sketched figures within which can be seen in detail with the help of a magnifying glass. 

One of the new tracks called “ Midnight ” was released on You Tube a few days ago. The video was directed by Mary Wigmore and shows the band walking through a dark woodland.  In order to whet their fans’ appetite , Coldplay have also revealed a full track listing of the upcoming album.


01.                     Always in my head

02.                     Magic

03.                     Ink

04.                     True love

05.                     Midnight

06.                     Another’s arms

07.                     Oceans

08.                     A sky full of stars

09.                     O


COLDPLAY  ( Official website ) :

Midnight video :

Magic :


Artwork :







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