Inside FOALS’ bitter-sweet “ Holy Fire ”


Foals are an indie rock band , formed in Oxford in 2005 & have been among the winners at the Q awards. They released their first album “ Antidotes ” in 2008 and their second “ Total Life Forever ” in 2010. HOLY FIRE is their most mature third album that hit the record stores in February 2013. Their work is considered one of the most innovative and intriguing of the last few years, however , their last album comes as a refreshing breath , as a surprise , renewing your faith in good music.

You will probably have already heard “ Inhaler ”. Slow build tracks with Yiannis Philippakis’ neat vocals and bursts of energy , are the most striking features of this album which gradually grows on you. It kind of unravels and slowly blooms every time you listen to it , causing rushes of intense emotions. You discover fragile moments of solitude and grief. Sudden , sharp outbursts of energy and light , rushes of emotions , soaring choruses , lovely chords and epic builds of sounds. All these , with a rare immediacy and honesty that really surprises you. Their massive sound has a certain singular twist and temperament that resembles no other. Not an easy thing to achieve.

Confident and clearly comfortable in their sound , FOALS as it has been well written “ … have learned to calmly deliver packages of dynamite , delicate and volatile , like true masters of tension and release ”

Their talent is indisputable and their ability to create music through diverse sets of sounds is admirable. They deliver a sound that articulately climaxes and knows the way to hit you directly in the right spot. Yiannis Philippakis’ lyrics seem to reflect the growth process of the band itself. Coupled with his talented  voice , the striking , sensitive chords and exploratory songwriting … the result is remarkable.

“ HOLY FIRE ” will probably take its time to develop its hooks and become one of your favorite but it definitely rewards those who consider themselves to be repeat listeners. It’s an album so rich in sounds and innovative spirit that as you dive deeper into it , as you scratch the surface and peel off its layers , you discover a core full of depth , mystery , emotions , confessions and smart music.

All signs point ahead and FOALS are about to seize what is theirs for the taking , hopefully without forgetting who they are and what brought them together in the first place.


FOALS Official Website :

FOALS (Holy Fire Ltd. Edition DVD) – Nothing Left Unsaid / SHORT FILM


In conjunction with Record Store Day in the United States, Live at the Royal Albert Hall will be released on 12” vinyl on April 19, 2014. Limited to 3,000 copies, the vinyl features eight tracks recorded from Foals’ sold out performance at The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK in March 2013.

LIVE at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL trailer :

Inhaler :

Late Night :

Spanish Sahara :




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