Kings Of Leon : Strap in their “ Mechanical Bull ” and enjoy the ride


Over the past ten years , Kings Of Leon have established themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world. They have managed to blend southern rock , blues and modern sounds to create their own unique style. Kings of Leon members may not be the most high energy band when on stage but  their music carries enough energy to light up a whole stadium if needed. Their music speaks for them and that is what matters the most.

Their latest album “ MECHANICAL BULL ” was nominated for the best Rock album at this year’s Grammy Awards and they definitely know how to make good rock songs but most of all , how to make them speak to the crowds. Almost ten years of experience and tours , have given the band time to evolve , create powerful music and deliver what their fans have been missing.

The group’s lead singer , Caleb Followill , has a rare voice made of rock. He admittedly possesses a wide range with a special raspy , rough and rugged tone that screams “ Rock ” from a distance. With the release of their sixth album , the band does not disappoint us. As a matter of fact it sounds like they never left. It can be seen as a rather introspective turnaround in their career , some sort of returning to their roots. Being a southern rock band at its core , Kings Of Leon have reached great massiveness and a certain creative peak but their formula of success remains resilient through the years. This time , the deliver an album that is professional , focused and testifies their status as a classic rock band.

Knowing how to structure songs of emotional impact , the band  often leaves you wanting more. In the case of “ Mechanical Bull ” , they certainly leave you with the desire to take another ride and enjoy songs of endurance. “ Supersoaker ” is instantly immediate and cheeky. “Don’t matter sets things off and reminds you of the kind of energy Kings Of Leon are able to create , at their best moments. “ Wait for me ” is a ballad full of longing that stands out. “ Temple ” suggests absolution through pain and hurt.

You can probably sense that the band has in a way come to terms with its identity. It is true that 2010’s “ Come Around Sundown ” was not that promising but I guess following the huge success of “ Only By The Night ” was not an easy thing to do. Kings Of Leon seem to have found the way to live up to their fans’ expectations by playing it safe and creating an album that takes them back to a familiar music territory .

Just strap in and Enjoy it !!!

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Kings of Leon perform in SA

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