Sivert Høyem : “ Endless Love ” is here to stay

endless love 1

Sivert Høyem’s greatly anticipated new songs are finally here.

“ Endless Love ” is his fifth solo album and it can be described as rather experimental , inspiring and sincere . Exploring love at its more mature forms and dealing with adult themes through a music that is deeply touching , innovative and inspiring , it is impossible not to win your heart.

Once more , it provides a great chance for Sivert’s unique qualities as a singer and songwriter , to unfold beautifully. Exploring successfully different musical landscapes , giving us brilliant performances of epic ballads through a blues & gospel-like quality voice , the album is a gem waiting to be discovered.

“ ENDLESS LOVE ” was recorded in Stockholm and Oslo & is honestly as epic , warm , mature and moving as ever. You find yourself lost in grand piano masterpieces , shredding  guitars , admirable vocals and heart warming , sincere lyrics that touch your soul. The songs grow more and more on you  as you keep listening. Sivert Høyem’s special , lyrical voice gives a unique touch to each and every one of them. The whole album is dedicated to Per Eirik Johansen ( his personal manager ) in order to honor his memory , since he unfortunately passed away at the age of 54 , before its release. His enthusiasm , guidance and support have been a valuable help through the years and he will be definitely  greatly missed.

Singing seems to be in the center of “ Endless Love ” and its exploratory mood comes as a pleasant surprise. It portrays love through the eyes of a mature man and the lyrics are courageously written and performed with a poetic feel , melancholy , irony and that beloved timeless and introvert darkly pulse we have come to love. There is no doubt about Sivert’s rare , deep knowledge of songwriting. Songs like “ Little Angel ” are exceptionally performed and touch sensitive chords. “ Görlitzer Park ” talks of people swallowed by a city , feeling alone. “ Free as a bird ” is rather uplifting and pretty , giving a happy tone while “ Ride on sisters ” is mellow and hopeful. “ Handsome Savior  ” is a beautiful revelation full of gospel vibes  and “ Inner Vision ” which proceeded the release of the album is poetic and mysterious.

Sivert keeps surprising us in the most pleasant ways and listening to his songs surely straightens everything out and speaks to the soul 🙂 

Take time to discover “ Endless Love ”

Source : ( official website )

Handsome Savior :

Little Angel :

Free as a bird :

 endless love 2


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