GAD : Like a favourite song that speaks to the soul


How could you be objective and what could you possibly write about a band that holds a special place in you heart ! GAD’s story began in 2005 when Iraklis Anastasiadis and Kostas Antoniadis joined forces to compose a track for a Greek Electro Compilation. That was the beginning of a beautiful journey and during the recording of their debut album “ System May Fall ” Antonis Antoniadis , Spyros Papakotsis and Mike Semertzoglou joined the band which came to be one of the most creatively innovative Greek Indie bands that never ceases surprising us and always gives us the feeling that the best is yet to come.

GAD have performed in various stages and festivals through the years and have opened for bands like Chicane , Nouvelle Vague and Puressence. Their second album “ The Perfect Crime“ was released in 2010 and added a somewhat deeper and more vibrant feel to their already distinctive music. Using a more natural sound this time , beautiful melodies and dark bass lines , they created a beautiful album where the various music influences of the group members are combined masterfully. The single WAVES undoubtedly gained massive airplay and helped them reach larger audiences but there are so much more to the second album than that. Songs like DEEP BLUE WORLD , PARALLEL LINES , SEPARATE WAYS , YOU KNOW THE WAY and the amazing OVER THE MOON ( where Konstantinos Vita adds a magic twist with his participation ) are some of its greatest moments.

However it is their third album “ End In Tears “ which to me is probably their most mature work. An album that is perfectly combining elements of the two previous ones in a skillful and brilliant way that makes it a real gem. A feast for the ears from beginning to end . Their highly anticipated third album is full of beautiful surprises and guest singers such as Maria X.Kourmouli ( Transistor ) , Alexandra McKay and Aliki Avdelopoulou (Monitor) give it a fresh , unique note , taking us away on a journey full of emotions and letting us get a glimpse of a fascinating world. GAD give us a chance to enjoy rock , electro pop , atmospheric rhythms that are combined perfectly and are complemented by Kostas Antoniadis’ deeply expressive voice. The truth is that it is not at all easy to decide which of the tracks deserve more praise or attention because each and every one narrates a unique story , moves , liberates , touches sensitive chords and penetrates the soul in different ways. WONDERFUL , YOUR LOVER TONIGHT , BIG BROWN EYES , END IN TEARS , PRETENDING , BELONG , TOO LATE will definitely become an instant crush.

Always creative , innovative , inspiring , trying to keep a very high standard in terms of production , staying true to themselves and to all the things that make them so special , remaining faithful to the music that has been an inspiration to them through the years and with great respect towards their loyal fans , GAD have evolved brilliantly and have shown us admirable samples of songwriting. What a great reason to be proud of !!! As a matter of fact , It feels like their albums belong to a very special place inside us since so many of their songs were meant to steal our hearts. ( After all … that’s where they belong )

They don’t lack passion , inspiration , talent and true love for what they do and one thing is certain. The end of the road is very far and they seem ready for another leap that will bring them closer to the music of their dreams … to the music that speaks to our souls and makes reality more bearable.

Thank You for the amazing journey so far … ❤


GAD Official Website :‎


Parallel Lines – GAD :

END IN TEARS Promo Video :




Waves – GAD :

Over The Moon – GAD ft. Konstantinos Vita :


GAD – This light in you ( Promo Teaser ) :

I ‘ll try to find the words
I ‘ll try to find the way
To show you how I feel
To take pain away
With you I ‘m feeling strong
With you I ‘m feeling safe
Take me with you
And I ‘ll be ok…
   _ _ _
You are my world
You make things work
You are my world
Sing to my soul…
   _ _ _
I love this light in you
This light in your eyes
Even when you cry
Your face looks so bright
Just hold me tight
For one more time
Just hold me tight
And light up the night
   _ _ _
You are my world
You make things work
You are my world
Sing to my soul…




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