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Cyanna’s journey began back in 2002 and though it may have sadly come to an end , some of the band members come back with a different sound as CYANNA MERCURY and pleasantly surprise us with the release of two digital singles ” Ode To The Absent Father ” and ” Dirty Things ” that give us a taste of what comes next. The truth is we can hardly wait 😉

The band returns after a great reboot with a sound unquestionably addictive and unexpectedly refreshed , charmingly dark , underground and cleverly groovy at the same time… exploring music landscapes where rock blends with blues and psychedelic elements , successfully reintroducing itself as a promising progressive psychedelic rock quintet. The dark sound of ” Ode To The Absent Father ” simply sinks into your soul and keeps haunting you long after it is over. As for the groovy ” Dirty Things ” it sticks into your head and refuses to leave , taking you to a whole new level of musical experience.

The band currently released a video for the track ” Dirty Things ” and its eight track new album will be released at the end of the year. Until then you have plenty of time to love Cyanna Mercury’s new singles and rest assure that they will prove once more how innovative , creative and inspired they are , always eager to make mind blowing music and explore their limits.

Discover CYANNA MERCURY’S new identity and take a dive into a world of great music , a dark world … groovy and hot as hell !!!

Welcome Back Guys !!!

Cyanna Mercury:
Spyreas Sid: vocals, percussion
Nick Sid: keyboards
Diamond Pr: guitars, percussion
Dennis Panagiotidis: drums
Dimitri “Zilla” G: bass











Ode To The Absent Father is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.


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