Damien Rice and his favourite faded fantasy


It’s been a while since breaking into the scene with his well-acclaimed single, “The Blower’s Daughter”. After two rather exceptional albums “O” in 2002 and “ 9 ” eight years ago , Damien Rice finally comes back with the release of his highly anticipated third studio album and one of his most personal releases so far.
A return that fills us with sweet anticipation and the eagerness to get a taste of his favourite faded fantasy. The Irish singer- songwriter reminds us once more of how intensely music , melodies and inspired moments can reach the depths of our souls . His warm and so intimate voice seems to match perfectly to the lovely bittersweet ,sentimental mood of his songs as well as the lyrics.

Tracks like “ I don’t wanna change you ” “ My favourite faded fantasy ” and “ It takes a lot to know a man ” are tangible proof of what a great , talented songwriter he is. With his new heartfelt and sincere work , he manages to find the way to our hearts once more. Being open and vulnerable has never been easy but feeling comfortable , he sings like the weight of his entire world depends on it. Like the strings of his soul echo the things love is all about.

The album flows beautifully with its deep , sentimental , bittersweet moments , bold confessions and simplicity … Damien keeps pushing and pulling you through , making you a part of his inner turmoil. Each song seems to touch a personal romance , narrating a story you can easily identify with. You can’t help but watch it being born, grow and come to life with quiet intros, slow builds and dramatic crescendos that hold such power.
He finds the way to move on and his newborn inspiration comes as a pleasant surprise. There’s nothing reluctant or halfhearted about the bold, dreamy, inspirational music on My Favourite Faded Fantasy !!!
An album that will definitely grow on you as time goes by… unfolding and revealing its beauty. The long wait was totally worth it. Enjoyable in its melancholy refreshing and admirable. Perhaps the extensive amount of years was necessary to create it.


01. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
02. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
03. The Greatest Bastard
04. I Don’t Want To Change You
05. Colour Me In
06. The Box
07. Trusty And True
08. Long Long Way

Take a Listen to: My Favourite Faded Fantasy, The Greatest Bastard, I Don’t Want to Change You , It takes a lot to know a man and Colour Me In


Damien Rice Official Site : http://www.damienrice.com/

I don’t wanna change you video :

The creative process of ” My favourite faded fantasy ” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-9JkgfW_0M