HOZIER : A beautiful , spiritual , seductive , old soul


The bluesy Irish singer-songwriter has been the recipient of much praise for his breakthrough single “ Take me to Church ” as well as for his debut album. The video went viral on You Tube and has received extensive airplay , dominating the charts , thus becoming one of the most-played songs of the year so far.
It seems that no one, least of all Hozier himself, imagined that this introvert kid from the Irish countryside whose second career plan was to become a psychologist would emerge as one of the year’s most unlikely hit makers. Up until last year, Hozier’s musical journey had been a gradual one. Born in rural county Wicklow, Ireland, the son of a blues musician, he attended Trinity College, Dublin to study music. Now he’s one of the most hotly anticipated acts at Coachella !!!
Drawing on the soul & R and B flirting with emotions , brilliantly crafting his music , he adds a touch of rural indie aesthetic to form his own unique style and his smoky soulful voice is the kind that gets you hooked. This sort of impact may have helped to put him on the music map and in the hearts of the listeners shortly after the release of his first album where he deftly moves from topic to topic and casts light on problems both personal and public .
Discernible influences , hints of blues , soul and rock mesh together quite nicely to create a very interesting varied texture. Sharped tongued and sensitive lyrics blend into a captivating soundscape. There is no doubt that the hooks will remain in your ears and the lyrics on your mind for long. Hozier is definitely no one – hit wonder and introduces himself with an admirable solid , bluesy debut !!!


Disc 1

1. Take Me To Church
2. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene
3. Jackie And Wilson
4. Someone New
5. To Be Alone
6. From Eden
7. In A Week (Feat. Karen Cowley)
8. Sedated
9. Work Song
10. Like Real People Do
11. It Will Come Back
12. Foreigner’s God
13. Cherry Wine

cd cover
Bonus / Disc 2

1. In The Woods Somewhere
2. Run
3. Arsonist’s Lullaby
4. My Love Will Never Die


Despite his unquestionable popularity , even the singer himself was shocked and flattered to be asked to perform his song with Annie Lenox at the Grammys just a few months after the release of his self – titled album.


Such a compelling listen from beginning to end  ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Take me to church ( acoustic version ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFROH_nzqfE