How Big , How Blue , How Beautiful <3 … Florence Welch


Florence Welch returns with a renewed spark and a love for new thrills , inviting us to discover her new album as well as her soulful vocals. Along with her band , she has offered us soaring , epic anthems during the past few years and her new release is fraught with moments that overwhelm you , reaching new levels of eloquence and depth in her writing , something that makes her a more complete artist than ever.
“ How Big , How Blue , How Beautiful ” is a rather strong album that evidently carries more personal weight from song to song and it admittedly does so with a great familiar fragility and sensitivity. Flo’s rich arcing singing voice , the ghostly choral vocals and the atmosphere created throughout the album is a little wonder to behold and this does not come as a surprise. Here she seems to grow more honest and comfortable with herself , singing about crossing canyons , surviving betrayed feelings , fighting fears , kissing skylines , being stuck in wrecked relationships and pulling the earth and sea around her.
“ How Big , How Blue , How Beautiful ” is principally focused on a doomed romantic relationship and is delivered in such a manner that finds new , direct ways to touch our feelings and make us identify with it … ranging from soothing , confessing to booming at times but it is nothing less than impressive .
The rich and bold instrumentation as well as the lyrical devastation all cohere perfectly , maintaining a balance of technical mastery and sensitive lyricism. Her new producer Markus Dravs contributes to a great extend in making the final result sound big , blue , beautiful and balanced. All the talent , creative madness and pure sensitivity are fueled by Florence’s unique spark and touch of intensity , an overflow of emotions that are desperately seeking a way out.
Our dear Florence turns her personal turmoil into a thunderous , as it has been called , album adding new depth and mature awareness to the thrill of a range of emotions. After all , she has always been more than able to reveal so fearlessly the secrets of her heart and the hidden treasures of her soul.

Essential tracks to be listened to : Ship to wreck , What kind of man , Queen of Peace , St. Jude



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