FOALS : Their bold and impressive return

When it comes to FOALS every record is an affirmation of their unquestionable talent & great potential. Taking  steps in the right direction , Foals have produced yet another outstanding must-have album. “It feels like we can do anything,” Yannis Philippakis says and I guess there is no doubt about it. ‘What Went Down’ – recorded in a 19th-century mill in the South of France – thinks bigger and aims higher than its predecessors. Are they on the right track in order to embrace their calling ? One thing is for certain. This new album does not disappoint us in the least. From the ravenous ‘Mountain At My Gates’ to the hauntingly beautiful and emotional ” Give it all ” ,  What Went Down has a unique sound and stands for itself as probably one of the best albums of the year.
Ever since the release of their first album ” Antidotes ” back in 2008 they have shown remarkable sings of maturity and seem to have finally found a great sound that is truly and entirely their own. Their new release is fraught with massive heavy carved rock sounds and combines fierce , pulsating drumbeats with over-driven guitar riffs that add to the intensity which is perfectly achieved with the aid of Yannis’ impressive , explosive vocals that virtually steal the show from time to time building from a serene ballad into huge climax outbursts that take your breath away.
WWD is at times aggressive , melodic , other times dramatic … always featuring compelling hooks that result in a pleasantly surprising contrast as well as high-charged excitement. Foals aimed at making an album at the peak of their powers , pushing their songs to different levels and extremes. They rely heavily on intuition , soaring emotions , unparalleled energy and chemistry. it’s impossible to deny that the overall album is a hugely accomplished effort and a bold step to the next level while causing a suitably long lasting , stirring effect.
A dark , consistent , brilliantly crafted ,  magnificent new offering is here and it admittedly impresses. It can be seen as a solid proof of the progression that has taken place between each of their albums . There’s a constant feeling that sublime things are in waiting. “Show me the foothold from which I can climb,” sings Yannis Philippakis in “Mountain at My Gates” and there is plenty of evidence here that suggest a burning , questing determination to find new paths and open new roads.
What Went Down is definitely worth listening 🙂

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