FOALS : Their bold and impressive return

When it comes to FOALS every record is an affirmation of their unquestionable talent & great potential. Taking  steps in the right direction , Foals have produced yet another outstanding must-have album. “It feels like we can do anything,” Yannis Philippakis says and I guess there is no doubt about it. ‘What Went Down’ – recorded in a 19th-century mill in the South of France – thinks bigger and aims higher than its predecessors. Are they on the right track in order to embrace their calling ? One thing is for certain. This new album does not disappoint us in the least. From the ravenous ‘Mountain At My Gates’ to the hauntingly beautiful and emotional ” Give it all ” ,  What Went Down has a unique sound and stands for itself as probably one of the best albums of the year.
Ever since the release of their first album ” Antidotes ” back in 2008 they have shown remarkable sings of maturity and seem to have finally found a great sound that is truly and entirely their own. Their new release is fraught with massive heavy carved rock sounds and combines fierce , pulsating drumbeats with over-driven guitar riffs that add to the intensity which is perfectly achieved with the aid of Yannis’ impressive , explosive vocals that virtually steal the show from time to time building from a serene ballad into huge climax outbursts that take your breath away.
WWD is at times aggressive , melodic , other times dramatic … always featuring compelling hooks that result in a pleasantly surprising contrast as well as high-charged excitement. Foals aimed at making an album at the peak of their powers , pushing their songs to different levels and extremes. They rely heavily on intuition , soaring emotions , unparalleled energy and chemistry. it’s impossible to deny that the overall album is a hugely accomplished effort and a bold step to the next level while causing a suitably long lasting , stirring effect.
A dark , consistent , brilliantly crafted ,  magnificent new offering is here and it admittedly impresses. It can be seen as a solid proof of the progression that has taken place between each of their albums . There’s a constant feeling that sublime things are in waiting. “Show me the foothold from which I can climb,” sings Yannis Philippakis in “Mountain at My Gates” and there is plenty of evidence here that suggest a burning , questing determination to find new paths and open new roads.
What Went Down is definitely worth listening 🙂

collage foals

Mountain at my gates :

Give it all :

The official FOALS website :

Through the Fake and the Real … EDITORS reveal “No Harm”


Our beloved EDITORS unveil the highly anticipated video for their new song “ No Harm ” An amazing , strobe-filled clip of austere beauty that is masterfully combined with their music. The band released the track in a secret compilation as a free download last month. Filmed in a grim , grey footage the clip is fraught with surreal notes backing up the whole concept. This is their first collaboration with their friend Rahi Rezvani who seems to share the same kind of love for a certain aesthetic which their music mirrors. The result is a work of art and a sign that the upcoming release is something we should look forward to.

The electro synth beats blend into a landscape of haunting low vocals painted against a brooding , moody melody . A mesmerizing song , slowly evolving , built on warm synth line, Editors’ new release is not something you could not notice for all the right reasons. This time, Tom Smith’s deep voice is accompanied by a minimalistic and spacey beat, as he proclaims himself a “go-getter”. The track is a promising sign of things to come, with the band drawing on synth-y soundscapes to paint a brooding, ominous and cinematic picture that is admittedly addictive and totally captivating .

It seems like only yesterday when the Birmingham stars released 2013’s massive “The Weight Of Your Love” but the band are already preparing the release of their fifth album, having finished mixing it back in March. We eagerly await 🙂 ❤


Editors tour Europe and the UK this autumn.

Fri 9, UK, Belfast, Limelight
Sat 10, Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre
Mon 12, UK, Bristol, Colston Hall
Tue 13, UK, London, Hammersmith Apollo
Thu 15, UK, Portsmouth, Pyramid Centre
Fri 16, UK, Birmingham, O2 Academy
Sat 17, UK, Leeds, O2 Academy
Sun 18, UK, Glasgow, O2 ABC
Tue 20, UK, Newcastle, O2 Academy
Wed 21, UK, Cambridge, Junction
Thu 22, UK, Manchester, Manchester Academy
Wed 28, France, Paris, Le Trianon
Thu 29, France, Lille, Splendide
Sat 31, Belgium (venue to be announced Mon 4.5.15)

Sun 1, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Den Atelier
Mon 2, Germany, Cologne, Koln Palladium
Wed 4, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall
Sun 8, Germany, Hamburg, Mehr Theater
Mon 9, Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle
Tue 10, Germany, Offenbach, Stadthalle
Thu 12, Germany, Munich, Tonhalle
Fri 13, France, Strasbourg, Laiterie
Sun 15, France, Lyon, Radiant
Mon 16, Spain, Barcelona, Razzmatazz
Tue 17, Spain, Madrid, La Riviera
Fri, 27 Switzerland, Lausanne, Les Docks
Sat 28, Italy, Bologna, Paladozza
Sun 29, Austria, Vienna, Gasometer

Tue 1, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Kino Siska
Wed 2, Croatia, Zagreb, Culture Factory
Fri 4, Greece, Athens, Gazi Music Hall
Sat 5, Greece, Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theatre
Sun 6, Turkey, Istanbul, Volkswagen Arena
Tue 8, Hungary, Budapest, Barba Negra
Wed 9, Czech Republic, Prague, Roxy
Thu 10, Poland, Warsaw, Progresja Music Zone
Fri 11, Poland, Poznan, MTP2
Sun 13, Switzerland, Zurich, X-tra
Mon 14, France, Marseille, Espace Julien
Tue 15, France, Bordeaux, Le Rocher De Palmer

NO HARM Official Video :

LYRICS  / No Harm
I’ll boil easier than you,
Crush my bones into glue
I’m a go-getter
The system’s in red
The room is inbred
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

My children despise my wonderful lies
I’m a go-getter
I see through your walls
And your space down your halls
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

The fever I feel, the fake and the real
I’m a go-getter
My world just expands
Things just breaking my hands
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm


HOZIER : A beautiful , spiritual , seductive , old soul


The bluesy Irish singer-songwriter has been the recipient of much praise for his breakthrough single “ Take me to Church ” as well as for his debut album. The video went viral on You Tube and has received extensive airplay , dominating the charts , thus becoming one of the most-played songs of the year so far.
It seems that no one, least of all Hozier himself, imagined that this introvert kid from the Irish countryside whose second career plan was to become a psychologist would emerge as one of the year’s most unlikely hit makers. Up until last year, Hozier’s musical journey had been a gradual one. Born in rural county Wicklow, Ireland, the son of a blues musician, he attended Trinity College, Dublin to study music. Now he’s one of the most hotly anticipated acts at Coachella !!!
Drawing on the soul & R and B flirting with emotions , brilliantly crafting his music , he adds a touch of rural indie aesthetic to form his own unique style and his smoky soulful voice is the kind that gets you hooked. This sort of impact may have helped to put him on the music map and in the hearts of the listeners shortly after the release of his first album where he deftly moves from topic to topic and casts light on problems both personal and public .
Discernible influences , hints of blues , soul and rock mesh together quite nicely to create a very interesting varied texture. Sharped tongued and sensitive lyrics blend into a captivating soundscape. There is no doubt that the hooks will remain in your ears and the lyrics on your mind for long. Hozier is definitely no one – hit wonder and introduces himself with an admirable solid , bluesy debut !!!


Disc 1

1. Take Me To Church
2. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene
3. Jackie And Wilson
4. Someone New
5. To Be Alone
6. From Eden
7. In A Week (Feat. Karen Cowley)
8. Sedated
9. Work Song
10. Like Real People Do
11. It Will Come Back
12. Foreigner’s God
13. Cherry Wine

cd cover
Bonus / Disc 2

1. In The Woods Somewhere
2. Run
3. Arsonist’s Lullaby
4. My Love Will Never Die


Despite his unquestionable popularity , even the singer himself was shocked and flattered to be asked to perform his song with Annie Lenox at the Grammys just a few months after the release of his self – titled album.


Such a compelling listen from beginning to end  ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Take me to church ( acoustic version ) :

Albums we’ve loved in 2014


Another year full of music and new releases that have grown on us , inspired us and have found a special place in our hearts ! The end of 2014 is near and we’ve heard some cracking , amazing , breathtaking songs in its brief existence. Well … I am sure everyone’s got their favourite albums and they may be completely different from each other… but here are some of the most inspiring albums of the year that became the soundtrack of our reality ( I am sure there are so many others missing )  🎶

Looks like music is still our resistance , our inspiration and the greatest passion of all !!! ❤

Let’s hope 2015 has a lot of music surprises in store for us 🙂 #ENJOY …

EDITORS – The weight of your love

editors  ( The Phone Book )

COLDPLAY – Ghost Stories

ghost stories ( A sky full of stars )


white-lies-big-tv ( Big TV )

Lykke Li – I never learn

Lykke-Li-I-Never-Learn-2014-1200x1200  ( No rest for the wicked )

London Grammar – If you wait

London-Grammar-If-You-Wait ( Wasting my young years )

Placebo – Loud like love

loud-like-love_10379146  ( A million little pieces )

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

LANA2  ( Brooklyn Baby )

The Black Keys – Turning Blue

turn blue ( Weight of love )

Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

paolo-nutini-caustic-love-album-art ( Iron Sky )

Damien Rice – My favourite faded fantasy

damien rice ( I don’t want to change you ) ❤

What’s your favourite compilation ?

Damien Rice and his favourite faded fantasy


It’s been a while since breaking into the scene with his well-acclaimed single, “The Blower’s Daughter”. After two rather exceptional albums “O” in 2002 and “ 9 ” eight years ago , Damien Rice finally comes back with the release of his highly anticipated third studio album and one of his most personal releases so far.
A return that fills us with sweet anticipation and the eagerness to get a taste of his favourite faded fantasy. The Irish singer- songwriter reminds us once more of how intensely music , melodies and inspired moments can reach the depths of our souls . His warm and so intimate voice seems to match perfectly to the lovely bittersweet ,sentimental mood of his songs as well as the lyrics.

Tracks like “ I don’t wanna change you ” “ My favourite faded fantasy ” and “ It takes a lot to know a man ” are tangible proof of what a great , talented songwriter he is. With his new heartfelt and sincere work , he manages to find the way to our hearts once more. Being open and vulnerable has never been easy but feeling comfortable , he sings like the weight of his entire world depends on it. Like the strings of his soul echo the things love is all about.

The album flows beautifully with its deep , sentimental , bittersweet moments , bold confessions and simplicity … Damien keeps pushing and pulling you through , making you a part of his inner turmoil. Each song seems to touch a personal romance , narrating a story you can easily identify with. You can’t help but watch it being born, grow and come to life with quiet intros, slow builds and dramatic crescendos that hold such power.
He finds the way to move on and his newborn inspiration comes as a pleasant surprise. There’s nothing reluctant or halfhearted about the bold, dreamy, inspirational music on My Favourite Faded Fantasy !!!
An album that will definitely grow on you as time goes by… unfolding and revealing its beauty. The long wait was totally worth it. Enjoyable in its melancholy refreshing and admirable. Perhaps the extensive amount of years was necessary to create it.


01. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
02. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
03. The Greatest Bastard
04. I Don’t Want To Change You
05. Colour Me In
06. The Box
07. Trusty And True
08. Long Long Way

Take a Listen to: My Favourite Faded Fantasy, The Greatest Bastard, I Don’t Want to Change You , It takes a lot to know a man and Colour Me In


Damien Rice Official Site :

I don’t wanna change you video :

The creative process of ” My favourite faded fantasy ” :

Lana Del Rey’s bewitching , ethereal , compelling shades of ” Ultraviolence “

“Born to die “ established her as one of the most divisive musical figures of our age and by many she is considered to be a cultural phenomenon. It admittedly made such a polarizing impression because in a way it offered something that really didn’t sound like anything else. However she has proved to be a unique , intriguing figure on the contemporary music landscape.


cover lana

Lana Del Rey’s follow-up album “ Ultraviolence” comes as a pleasant surprise. Rather slow , moving , atmospheric , nostalgic , melancholic , dreamy and endlessly fascinating , it almost instantly strikes sensitive chords. The album simmers with a haunting , yearning feeling , a range of emotions and a quiet urgency as the one track moves to the next but without boiling over. creating moments of film-noir melodrama that literally permeate the majority of the songs.

Production from Dan Auerbach ( The Black Keys ) has greatly influenced the mood and the dreamscape of the whole album since he ended up producing seven of the eleven tracks. A dence album which is absorbed as an entire experience with even the weaker tracks contributing to the whole atmosphere. Lana Del Rey is digging deeper and seems to have complete control of her craft. As a matter of fact she has never sounder so compellingly crystalline and appears more complicated. More mature , captivating and as always not hiding her influences of the past as she often draw upon signifiers of the 20th century culture.

Try as you might , it seems hard not to be swept away by Ultraviolence’s sound. It feels like listening to a collection of mid-century ballads but with a different twist , permeated with blues-rock influences. You discover songs that whimper , howl , daydream , soothe , taunt , hypnotize , thrill , nod at cinema and deliver a real summertime sadness. Unadorned verses that gradually build up into massive ethereal choruses and an admirable thematic and musical unity that helps the album run smoothly.

The truth is that emphasis is placed on its little great moments that obviously make a difference and keep it consistent and charming. Minor touches and beautiful details that cannot pass unnoticed and make ULTRAVIOLENCE so cohesive and compulsively listenable from beginning to end. It seems that Lana Del Rey is given the well deserved opportunity to strike back and prove all her critics wrong. With her new album she takes a brave step towards becoming one in her own right but I guess she already is !!! She knows more than her share about love , despair , longing , regret , toxic relationships and sadness … so she steps into the shadows , whispers old secrets and gives voice to charming characters that never had the chance to speak for themselves.


Ultraviolence tracklist:

1) Cruel World
2) Ultraviolence
3) Shades of Cool
4) Brooklyn Baby
5) West Coast
6) Sad Girl
7) Pretty When You Cry
8) Money Power Glory
9) Fucked My Way Up to the Top
10) Old Money
11) The Other Woman
12) Black Beauty (bonus track)
13) Guns and Roses (bonus track)
14) Florida Kilos (bonus track)

collage lana

Official Website :

shades of cool

Ultraviolence on SPOTIFY :


West Coast :

Brooklyn Baby :

Shades of Cool :

old money

Old Money :








CYANNA MERCURY : Music that runs deep

collage CYANNA

Cyanna’s journey began back in 2002 and though it may have sadly come to an end , some of the band members come back with a different sound as CYANNA MERCURY and pleasantly surprise us with the release of two digital singles ” Ode To The Absent Father ” and ” Dirty Things ” that give us a taste of what comes next. The truth is we can hardly wait 😉

The band returns after a great reboot with a sound unquestionably addictive and unexpectedly refreshed , charmingly dark , underground and cleverly groovy at the same time… exploring music landscapes where rock blends with blues and psychedelic elements , successfully reintroducing itself as a promising progressive psychedelic rock quintet. The dark sound of ” Ode To The Absent Father ” simply sinks into your soul and keeps haunting you long after it is over. As for the groovy ” Dirty Things ” it sticks into your head and refuses to leave , taking you to a whole new level of musical experience.

The band currently released a video for the track ” Dirty Things ” and its eight track new album will be released at the end of the year. Until then you have plenty of time to love Cyanna Mercury’s new singles and rest assure that they will prove once more how innovative , creative and inspired they are , always eager to make mind blowing music and explore their limits.

Discover CYANNA MERCURY’S new identity and take a dive into a world of great music , a dark world … groovy and hot as hell !!!

Welcome Back Guys !!!

Cyanna Mercury:
Spyreas Sid: vocals, percussion
Nick Sid: keyboards
Diamond Pr: guitars, percussion
Dennis Panagiotidis: drums
Dimitri “Zilla” G: bass











Ode To The Absent Father is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.


Facebook Page :

Dirty Things :