Through the Fake and the Real … EDITORS reveal “No Harm”


Our beloved EDITORS unveil the highly anticipated video for their new song “ No Harm ” An amazing , strobe-filled clip of austere beauty that is masterfully combined with their music. The band released the track in a secret compilation as a free download last month. Filmed in a grim , grey footage the clip is fraught with surreal notes backing up the whole concept. This is their first collaboration with their friend Rahi Rezvani who seems to share the same kind of love for a certain aesthetic which their music mirrors. The result is a work of art and a sign that the upcoming release is something we should look forward to.

The electro synth beats blend into a landscape of haunting low vocals painted against a brooding , moody melody . A mesmerizing song , slowly evolving , built on warm synth line, Editors’ new release is not something you could not notice for all the right reasons. This time, Tom Smith’s deep voice is accompanied by a minimalistic and spacey beat, as he proclaims himself a “go-getter”. The track is a promising sign of things to come, with the band drawing on synth-y soundscapes to paint a brooding, ominous and cinematic picture that is admittedly addictive and totally captivating .

It seems like only yesterday when the Birmingham stars released 2013’s massive “The Weight Of Your Love” but the band are already preparing the release of their fifth album, having finished mixing it back in March. We eagerly await 🙂 ❤


Editors tour Europe and the UK this autumn.

Fri 9, UK, Belfast, Limelight
Sat 10, Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre
Mon 12, UK, Bristol, Colston Hall
Tue 13, UK, London, Hammersmith Apollo
Thu 15, UK, Portsmouth, Pyramid Centre
Fri 16, UK, Birmingham, O2 Academy
Sat 17, UK, Leeds, O2 Academy
Sun 18, UK, Glasgow, O2 ABC
Tue 20, UK, Newcastle, O2 Academy
Wed 21, UK, Cambridge, Junction
Thu 22, UK, Manchester, Manchester Academy
Wed 28, France, Paris, Le Trianon
Thu 29, France, Lille, Splendide
Sat 31, Belgium (venue to be announced Mon 4.5.15)

Sun 1, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Den Atelier
Mon 2, Germany, Cologne, Koln Palladium
Wed 4, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall
Sun 8, Germany, Hamburg, Mehr Theater
Mon 9, Germany, Berlin, Columbiahalle
Tue 10, Germany, Offenbach, Stadthalle
Thu 12, Germany, Munich, Tonhalle
Fri 13, France, Strasbourg, Laiterie
Sun 15, France, Lyon, Radiant
Mon 16, Spain, Barcelona, Razzmatazz
Tue 17, Spain, Madrid, La Riviera
Fri, 27 Switzerland, Lausanne, Les Docks
Sat 28, Italy, Bologna, Paladozza
Sun 29, Austria, Vienna, Gasometer

Tue 1, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Kino Siska
Wed 2, Croatia, Zagreb, Culture Factory
Fri 4, Greece, Athens, Gazi Music Hall
Sat 5, Greece, Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theatre
Sun 6, Turkey, Istanbul, Volkswagen Arena
Tue 8, Hungary, Budapest, Barba Negra
Wed 9, Czech Republic, Prague, Roxy
Thu 10, Poland, Warsaw, Progresja Music Zone
Fri 11, Poland, Poznan, MTP2
Sun 13, Switzerland, Zurich, X-tra
Mon 14, France, Marseille, Espace Julien
Tue 15, France, Bordeaux, Le Rocher De Palmer

NO HARM Official Video :

LYRICS  / No Harm
I’ll boil easier than you,
Crush my bones into glue
I’m a go-getter
The system’s in red
The room is inbred
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

My children despise my wonderful lies
I’m a go-getter
I see through your walls
And your space down your halls
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

The fever I feel, the fake and the real
I’m a go-getter
My world just expands
Things just breaking my hands
I’m a go-getter

Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm


Albums we’ve loved in 2014


Another year full of music and new releases that have grown on us , inspired us and have found a special place in our hearts ! The end of 2014 is near and we’ve heard some cracking , amazing , breathtaking songs in its brief existence. Well … I am sure everyone’s got their favourite albums and they may be completely different from each other… but here are some of the most inspiring albums of the year that became the soundtrack of our reality ( I am sure there are so many others missing )  🎶

Looks like music is still our resistance , our inspiration and the greatest passion of all !!! ❤

Let’s hope 2015 has a lot of music surprises in store for us 🙂 #ENJOY …

EDITORS – The weight of your love

editors  ( The Phone Book )

COLDPLAY – Ghost Stories

ghost stories ( A sky full of stars )


white-lies-big-tv ( Big TV )

Lykke Li – I never learn

Lykke-Li-I-Never-Learn-2014-1200x1200  ( No rest for the wicked )

London Grammar – If you wait

London-Grammar-If-You-Wait ( Wasting my young years )

Placebo – Loud like love

loud-like-love_10379146  ( A million little pieces )

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

LANA2  ( Brooklyn Baby )

The Black Keys – Turning Blue

turn blue ( Weight of love )

Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

paolo-nutini-caustic-love-album-art ( Iron Sky )

Damien Rice – My favourite faded fantasy

damien rice ( I don’t want to change you ) ❤

What’s your favourite compilation ?

Florence + The Machine Metal Tribute Album released


So you may be wandering …How does Florence + the Machine mixes with metal? Well, judging by Periphery’s cover of “Only If For A Night” in the video below, it can mix pretty well. It appears that Sumerian Records has gathered a bunch of bands on the label together to cover Florence + the Machine. The album has been dubbed “Sumerian Ceremonials” Florence + The Sphinx and is due out on May 15th. It mainly consists of songs from Florence + The Machine’s 2011 album, Ceremonials. Of course, one exception has been made — Stick To Your Guns have recorded “Dog Days Are Over,” because you can’t really release a Florence + The Machine tribute album and not include the band’s big breakthrough hit.

Speaking about the record, Sumerian’s co-founder Ash Avildsen commented:

“To me, ‘Ceremonials’ by Florence + the Machine is one of the most timeless records to come out in years. The distinctive vocals and melodies, the orchestration and instrumentation, the production, the mood and the lyrics have made me enamored with the album. It is also one of the heaviest records in years to me … not in the sense of metal and aggressive vocals/guitars/drums, but in how the songs make you feel.”

Louder than Sirens
Louder than Bells
Sweeter than Heaven
Hotter than Hell


The track listing is as follows :

1. Periphery – “Only If For A Night”
2. Stick To Your Guns – “Dog Days Are Over”
3. Ben Bruce (of Asking Alexandria) – “Shake It Out”
4. Darkest Hour – “Spectrum”
5. Miss Fortune – “No Light, No Light”
6. Fever Dreamer – “Leave My Body”
7. Born of Osiris – “Seven Devils”
8. Come The Dawn – “What The Water Gave Me”
9. Upon A Burning Body – “Lover To Lover”
10. Mike Semesky (of Intervals) – “Hearlines”
11. Dead Letter Circus – “Remain Nameless”
12. City In The Sea – “All This And Heaven Too”


 Watch the tracks here :

florence metal

Periphery – Only If for a night :



TANGO WITH LIONS : Let your ears dance to their tango and discover their soundscape


In times of general recession and uncertainty it is so wonderful and hopeful to discover bands and musicians that truly deserve to be explored and renew your faith in music. The Athens , Greece-based band “Tango with Lions” fall into this category and with their second slow , powerful and groovy album , they are bound to steal your heart and impress you.
Tango with Lions were officially formed in 2007 by Katerina Papachristou , a young musician who as bassist and singer has collaborated with many English speaking bands of the Greek indie/alternative scene. Since then, they have grown to be a band with a stable line-up and rather distinctive , moody , deeply haunting music vibes.
Their debut album, “Verba Time” was released in 2010 and has received enthusiastic reviews while the song “In A Bar” has broken a record of views on YouTube. Their highly anticipated second album, “A Long Walk” was out in spring 2013 and is nothing less than impressive.
Digging into dark thoughts , floating in a sea of love and memories and getting lost in dreamy landscapes , Tango With Lions transport you into their world with the power of their music and Kat’s emotional , sultry vocals. The carefully executed arrangements and instrumentation find the way to wrap around the hauntingly beautiful voice of their lead singer and you become part of the stories their songs have to tell. There’s a pensive, rather mellow and sometimes relaxed vibe to their music with occasional bursts that resemble the course of your emotions.
If you are looking for an album worth listening to and long for an interesting journey to new, uncharted waters , discover them and let your ears dance to their tango. Chances are , you will really enjoy their breathtaking soundscape 🙂

TWL wow1


Tango With Lions are:
Katerina Papachristou – voice, acoustic guitar, piano
Yannos Paramithiotis – electric guitar, vocals
Nikos Vergetis – drums, percussion, vocals
Jim Staridas – trompone, vocals
Thodoris Zefkilis – bass, vocals

( sourse : )


Tango With Lions on Facebook :

A Long Walk on You Tube :

Slippery Roads on You Tube :

Live Sessions ( EN LEFKO ) – Tango With Lions – Black :

Tango With Lions on SoundCloud :





Coldplay announces new album “ Ghost Stories ”


It’s been quite a while since Coldplay’s last album “ Mylo Xyloto ” but it looks like they are back. After a lengthy world tour , the British group announced that its sixth album will be a nine-track record called “ Ghost Stories ” which is about to be released on May 19th and will be proceeded by their single “ Magic ”.

Their sound seems to have changed and they follow more experimental paths , showing us a rather different side from what we have been used to. Is it a bold new direction for the favorite band ? We will find out soon ! The cover artwork of the album features a pair of angel’s wings with sketched figures within which can be seen in detail with the help of a magnifying glass. 

One of the new tracks called “ Midnight ” was released on You Tube a few days ago. The video was directed by Mary Wigmore and shows the band walking through a dark woodland.  In order to whet their fans’ appetite , Coldplay have also revealed a full track listing of the upcoming album.


01.                     Always in my head

02.                     Magic

03.                     Ink

04.                     True love

05.                     Midnight

06.                     Another’s arms

07.                     Oceans

08.                     A sky full of stars

09.                     O


COLDPLAY  ( Official website ) :

Midnight video :

Magic :


Artwork :







30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto Wins Best Supporting Actor


The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman and actor Jared Leto wins Best Supporting  Actor Oscar for his role in  Dallas Buyers Club  where he portrayed Rayon, a transgender woman who’s HIV-positive.

Prior to filming, Leto had taken a several years-long  pause from acting to focus on his band, “30 Seconds to Mars”. Having won a vast majority of awards this season ( including Golden Globe, SAG, Critics’ Choice and Independent Spirit awards )  it was clear that he was the heavy favorite for the Oscar. His acceptance speech was  simple , sincere , heartwarming , emotional and one of the best of the night.

Last year’s best supporting actress winner, Anne Hathaway, presented the award at Sunday’s ceremony and here’s what Jared had to say :

“ Incredible. Ellen, I love you. To my fellow nominees, I’m so proud to share this journey with you. I’m in awe and have so much respect for you all. To the Academy, thank you.

|In 1971, in Bossier City Louisiana, there was a teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child. She was a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. She encouraged here kids to be creative and work hard and do something special. That girl was my mother and she’s here tonight. I just want to say ‘I love you mom, thank you for teaching me to dream.’

To my brother Shannon, the best big brother in the world: Thank you so much for sharing this insane adventure that is 30 Seconds to Mars and for being my best friend.

To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to to say we are here, and as you struggle to make your dreams happen and live the impossible, we are thinking of you tonight.

This is for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS. And to those of you who have ever felt injustice because of who you are and who you love, I stand here in front of the world with you and for you.

Thank you so much, and good night.”

Jared Leto’s Acceptance Speech for Supporting Actor ( video ) :

J1 J2

30 Seconds to Mars – A beautiful lie :

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane :

A “ Handsome Savior ” comes to our rescue , just before “ ENDLESS LOVE ” is here


I guess we always have time to discover & love beautiful , touching songs .

After recording a show for NRK’s Studio 1 last week and while the European tour for 2014 is still being organized our favorite Norwegian troubadour gives us another taste of his upcoming album.

Here is Sivert Høyem’s HANDSOME SAVIOR , one more single before his new greatly anticipated album ENDLESS LOVE is released on March 10th.  The song has a bit of a gospel vibe to it. Another proof of his amazing talent & the fact that he likes evolving , experimenting and surprising us in the most pleasant ways !!!


 Check out the lyrics and the video on You Tube

 Sivert Høyem’s Official Site :



What will it take to get you back on your feet

You lost your will and now you’re losing your sleep

My good intentions are all wasted on you

What good would trying do you ?

Trying is all you can do…

I do not think that this is anyone’s fault

It’s not my business to make sense of it all

I came here looking for a life & you came here too

What good would trying do you ?

Trying is all you can do…


You sat there waiting all night but nobody came

No handsome savior coming in from the rain

No steady hand to straighten everything out

He’s just the same as me , he’s never around


I do not claim that I am always so strong

You’ve seen me falter and you’ve seen me undone

Don’t add your spite to the load we’re dragging uphill

Rough times won’t rock our boat

but  our meanness surely will


You sat there waiting all night but nobody came

No handsome savior coming in from the rain

No steady hand to straighten everything out

He’s just the same as me , he’s never around








U2 go acoustic and prove they are tough enough for ordinary love.


The Irish band performed  their new single  ” INVISIBLE ” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon , the new host of the famous US chat show on February 17th. They performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd , accompanied by a marching band on top of New York’s 30 building and they also played an amazing acoustic version of  “Ordinary Love” with house band “The Roots” later in the show. Bono , Larry , Edge and Adam are undoubtedly  tangible proof of the fact that great bands can work miracles and show they are tough enough for ordinary love.

According to recent reports , U2 are rumored to be releasing their new album during this summer. However the release date has not been confirmed yet. The band will be performing at this year’s Academy Awards on March 2nd , nominated alongside Karen O and Arcade Fire  in the category of Best Original Song. Their song “Ordinary Love” for the Mandela : Long walk to Freedom soundtrack  has already  won the Golden Globe for Original Song.


U2 / Top of the Rock :

U2 – Ordinary Love ( official video ) :




Lana Del Rey : Singing of dashed dreams , broken hearts & her dark paradise


Changing from Lizzy Grant to Lana Del Rey , she reinvented herself and it has really worked. Since her breakthrough in 2011 she has been roughed up by critics who doubt her authenticity. Actually she has caused quite a stir with her sudden success. However , it does not seem likely that she will be leaving  the music scene any time soon.

When “ Video Games “ first appeared on the internet , it was  praised for its hypnotic , authentic feel and the follow up “ Blue Jeans ” made her seem ready for the big time. The release of her second album “ Born to Die ” in January 2012 , confirmed her as one of the most compelling new pop stars around , although it received generally mixed reviews from music critics. Whatever the truth behind her phenomenal  success , there is little doubt about her talent and her commitment to her art.

Her sound can be described as chilling , seductive , tragic and somewhat addictive. Her songs eerily dreamlike , in combination with smooth melodies and half-gritty , half-angelic or darkly vocals , have won her millions of fans worldwide. Lana Del Rey could have easily walked straight out of a movie scene of a mid 20th century film and is according to many the embodiment of a lost beauty. Maybe that is what makes her appearance so special. Her vintage image is simply irresistible and so alluring.

Amongst her musical influences , Del Rey cites several contemporary artists such as Elvis Presley, Antony and the Johnsons, Frank Sinatra, and Eminem . “ I really  just like the masters of every genre”  she told BBC radio presenter  Jo Whiley. Her favorite artists include Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen.

For her fans she is a legend in the making , although she has been subjected to constant and  intense scrutiny as regards her back story , her real talent and her shallow live performances at times. Nevertheless it cannot be denied that she has been given the rare chance to restore our faith in the mainstream music industry. It remains to be seen where she goes from here and whether she is able to live up to our expectations.

The singer seems to have revealed that her new album “Ultraviolence” will be released in May. She told her fans during a recent meeting that the record will be released on May 1st , although she did emphasise that the date was not officially confirmed.


Studio albums

Official Web Site :

Young and Beautiful  (video) from the film ” The Great Gatsby “:

Summertime Sadness  :

“ Born To Die ” on Spotify : 


Imageyour face

loving u