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The Black Keys Turn Blue

The Black Keys seem to be getting better with every album. Following the highly successful 2011’s “ El Camino ” their eighth album feels loose , sort of irresistible and more improvised, consisting of songs that you can’t help but sing along to . The undeniable upbeat drive of their playing and the bittersweet content of their songs are a combination able to turn heartbreak into a totally new experience and function therapeutically.

Tracks immediately accessible that have become instant favourites on the first listen are the single “ Fever ” which unquestionably pleases their numerous fans , “ Turn Blue ” which is beautifully bluesy and the incredible opening track “ Weight Of Love ” that is truly and genuinely thrilling and features an epic guitar solo.

Dan Auerbach’s guitar playing is nothing short but exceptional and takes center stage, leaving you astounded. It looks like he has found what it takes to make the songs as good as they can possibly be. As for Patrick Carney’s drumming , it is powerful and appealing as always but without overwhelming the songs. As it has well been written , “ Turn Blue ” is a wonderful album that is meant to be heard in its entirety with your full attention. The music just flows from the listener’s ears to the brain and into the heart and often works as a healing force. Surprisingly enough the album seems to have stepped right out of the 70’s and this is something The Black Keys should be proud of.

With “ TURN BLUE ” The Black Keys exhibit even more musical growth and maturity but at the same time they leave room to grow and develop their supreme talents. There is no doubt that they have all the right elements and maintain a high level of quality in their work but what is even more important and admirable is the fact that they prove what they already know in their hearts … “ Taking risks and sticking to what you love often works ” !!!

Discover the irresistibly catchy album with the melancholic title “ Turn Blue ” and let a special band blow you away !!!

TURN BLUE Tracklist

1. Weight of Love
2. In Time
3. Turn Blue
4. Fever
5. Year in Review
6. Bullet in the Brain
7. It’s Up to You Now
8. Waiting on Words
9. 10 Lovers
10. In Our Prime
11. Gotta Get Away





WEIGHT OF LOVE ❤ ( Turn Blue ) video : #EPIC


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Kasabian’s 48:13 ( Not giving into convention )

KASABIAN  –  48:13kasabian_mlh02101_website_image_sgjv_standard

Ready to headline Glastonbury this summer, Kasabian have a lot to prove in 2014. 48:13 is the fifth eagerly awaited studio album by the English rock band from Leicester. The album, produced by the band’s guitarist Sergio Pizzorno is named after its total running time. Kasabian have forged ahead … created their own template and though widely discussed could it just be their masterpiece ? Their latest album embraces their electro-funk roots and could be described as their most dance-influenced outing to date ( ‘Explodes’and ‘Stevie’ are a tangible proof ). An LP consistently strong on grooves , sincere , innovative without any doubt , daring and bursting with energy.

Kasabian are one of those bands that split opinion and I guess that always makes a band really interesting. Their inventive songwriting skills cannot be questioned and as a matter of fact , this time they prove to be a far more inventive group than expected. Their music takes some daring journeys that seem to surprise and then hypnotise their fans. Much of the heavy synth and the neo-psychedelia remains but finely tuned and enriched with more electro-rock elements that demonstrate the confidence of a band who aren’t interested in giving into convention.

They are daring and never do the obvious thing. Some might say they are an underrated force who never rest on their laurels. Always ready to take risks they avoid being led into a stale territory. Lets see where this new venture takes them 😉



NME’s Review on “48:13” and Photo Galery :

KASABIAN’s Official Web Site :

GLASS ( video ) :


• Tom Meighan – lead vocals
• Sergio Pizzorno – guitar, keyboards & electronic programming, vocals
• Chris Edwards – bass, guitar
• Ian Matthews – drums




COLDPLAY’s haunting , atmospheric Ghost Stories


COLDPLAY have undoubtedly become one of the biggest acts in the world since their appearance in the music scene. Ghost Stories is their sixth studio album co-produced by the band with Paul Epworth along with returning Mylo Xyloto producers Daniel Green, and Rik Simpson and was released on 16 May 2014. Since the release of “ Parachutes ” back in 2000 they have given us so many brilliant samples of songwriting. We have loved songs that have made enough memories last for a lifetime and adored albums like “ A rush of blood to the head ” that had a great impact on us in many levels and managed to stand the test of time. However their latest self-referential album probably signifies a change of direction.

GHOST STORIES is an album of intimate nature , where Chris Martin is working out his private pain in public and full of songs that thread through mid-tempo soundscapes , tender , melancholic melodies ( that leave you with an optimistic feeling about love ) in combination with electronic touches , strings and ethereal voices. Everything sounds so serene , pristine and fragile to the point that gives you a sense of weightlessness. The whole album moves along on an ever-changing atmospheric , haunting bed of sound that justifies its title.

Though it is instrumentally brilliant and exceptional in terms of production , it kind of lacks the big anthems and there may be times you get the impression the band is trying too hard to prove it can get its point across without the formula that made them famous. Yet there is something inviting about Coldplay trying something new at this stage in their career and their new album can be seen as brave move of a commercially successful band.

The truth is that Coldplay’s listeners are definitely taken on a totally different kind of journey than they’ve gone on before and the sense of magic is somehow kept alive . Even if the album it fails to deliver the same kind of catharsis and excitement of their earliest work , it should be given a chance to win your heart. Emotionally engaging , tender and sensitive , their “ Ghost Stories ”come as a soothing musical balm and I guess time will determine whether they will stand the test of time or to what extend they will influence the band’s future steps.

Coldplay is always going to be warm, nostalgic, melancholic , sentimental , innocent and deeply touching in their own unique way. This is the same Coldplay who made Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head but this time slightly updated for more than a decade after their first arrival and in a more experimental mood.



Take a look at their new album that has already hit Number One in 72 countries & discover its amazingly inspiring artwork here :

Suggested Tracks : Midnight , Magic , Another’s arms , A sky full of stars , Oceans , Fly on

MAGIC video clip :

FLY ON video ( Press Full Screen and Enjoy the amazing artwork )  :



Florence + The Machine Metal Tribute Album released


So you may be wandering …How does Florence + the Machine mixes with metal? Well, judging by Periphery’s cover of “Only If For A Night” in the video below, it can mix pretty well. It appears that Sumerian Records has gathered a bunch of bands on the label together to cover Florence + the Machine. The album has been dubbed “Sumerian Ceremonials” Florence + The Sphinx and is due out on May 15th. It mainly consists of songs from Florence + The Machine’s 2011 album, Ceremonials. Of course, one exception has been made — Stick To Your Guns have recorded “Dog Days Are Over,” because you can’t really release a Florence + The Machine tribute album and not include the band’s big breakthrough hit.

Speaking about the record, Sumerian’s co-founder Ash Avildsen commented:

“To me, ‘Ceremonials’ by Florence + the Machine is one of the most timeless records to come out in years. The distinctive vocals and melodies, the orchestration and instrumentation, the production, the mood and the lyrics have made me enamored with the album. It is also one of the heaviest records in years to me … not in the sense of metal and aggressive vocals/guitars/drums, but in how the songs make you feel.”

Louder than Sirens
Louder than Bells
Sweeter than Heaven
Hotter than Hell


The track listing is as follows :

1. Periphery – “Only If For A Night”
2. Stick To Your Guns – “Dog Days Are Over”
3. Ben Bruce (of Asking Alexandria) – “Shake It Out”
4. Darkest Hour – “Spectrum”
5. Miss Fortune – “No Light, No Light”
6. Fever Dreamer – “Leave My Body”
7. Born of Osiris – “Seven Devils”
8. Come The Dawn – “What The Water Gave Me”
9. Upon A Burning Body – “Lover To Lover”
10. Mike Semesky (of Intervals) – “Hearlines”
11. Dead Letter Circus – “Remain Nameless”
12. City In The Sea – “All This And Heaven Too”


 Watch the tracks here :

florence metal

Periphery – Only If for a night :



TANGO WITH LIONS : Let your ears dance to their tango and discover their soundscape


In times of general recession and uncertainty it is so wonderful and hopeful to discover bands and musicians that truly deserve to be explored and renew your faith in music. The Athens , Greece-based band “Tango with Lions” fall into this category and with their second slow , powerful and groovy album , they are bound to steal your heart and impress you.
Tango with Lions were officially formed in 2007 by Katerina Papachristou , a young musician who as bassist and singer has collaborated with many English speaking bands of the Greek indie/alternative scene. Since then, they have grown to be a band with a stable line-up and rather distinctive , moody , deeply haunting music vibes.
Their debut album, “Verba Time” was released in 2010 and has received enthusiastic reviews while the song “In A Bar” has broken a record of views on YouTube. Their highly anticipated second album, “A Long Walk” was out in spring 2013 and is nothing less than impressive.
Digging into dark thoughts , floating in a sea of love and memories and getting lost in dreamy landscapes , Tango With Lions transport you into their world with the power of their music and Kat’s emotional , sultry vocals. The carefully executed arrangements and instrumentation find the way to wrap around the hauntingly beautiful voice of their lead singer and you become part of the stories their songs have to tell. There’s a pensive, rather mellow and sometimes relaxed vibe to their music with occasional bursts that resemble the course of your emotions.
If you are looking for an album worth listening to and long for an interesting journey to new, uncharted waters , discover them and let your ears dance to their tango. Chances are , you will really enjoy their breathtaking soundscape 🙂

TWL wow1


Tango With Lions are:
Katerina Papachristou – voice, acoustic guitar, piano
Yannos Paramithiotis – electric guitar, vocals
Nikos Vergetis – drums, percussion, vocals
Jim Staridas – trompone, vocals
Thodoris Zefkilis – bass, vocals

( sourse : )


Tango With Lions on Facebook :

A Long Walk on You Tube :

Slippery Roads on You Tube :

Live Sessions ( EN LEFKO ) – Tango With Lions – Black :

Tango With Lions on SoundCloud :





Sivert Høyem : “ Endless Love ” is here to stay

endless love 1

Sivert Høyem’s greatly anticipated new songs are finally here.

“ Endless Love ” is his fifth solo album and it can be described as rather experimental , inspiring and sincere . Exploring love at its more mature forms and dealing with adult themes through a music that is deeply touching , innovative and inspiring , it is impossible not to win your heart.

Once more , it provides a great chance for Sivert’s unique qualities as a singer and songwriter , to unfold beautifully. Exploring successfully different musical landscapes , giving us brilliant performances of epic ballads through a blues & gospel-like quality voice , the album is a gem waiting to be discovered.

“ ENDLESS LOVE ” was recorded in Stockholm and Oslo & is honestly as epic , warm , mature and moving as ever. You find yourself lost in grand piano masterpieces , shredding  guitars , admirable vocals and heart warming , sincere lyrics that touch your soul. The songs grow more and more on you  as you keep listening. Sivert Høyem’s special , lyrical voice gives a unique touch to each and every one of them. The whole album is dedicated to Per Eirik Johansen ( his personal manager ) in order to honor his memory , since he unfortunately passed away at the age of 54 , before its release. His enthusiasm , guidance and support have been a valuable help through the years and he will be definitely  greatly missed.

Singing seems to be in the center of “ Endless Love ” and its exploratory mood comes as a pleasant surprise. It portrays love through the eyes of a mature man and the lyrics are courageously written and performed with a poetic feel , melancholy , irony and that beloved timeless and introvert darkly pulse we have come to love. There is no doubt about Sivert’s rare , deep knowledge of songwriting. Songs like “ Little Angel ” are exceptionally performed and touch sensitive chords. “ Görlitzer Park ” talks of people swallowed by a city , feeling alone. “ Free as a bird ” is rather uplifting and pretty , giving a happy tone while “ Ride on sisters ” is mellow and hopeful. “ Handsome Savior  ” is a beautiful revelation full of gospel vibes  and “ Inner Vision ” which proceeded the release of the album is poetic and mysterious.

Sivert keeps surprising us in the most pleasant ways and listening to his songs surely straightens everything out and speaks to the soul 🙂 

Take time to discover “ Endless Love ”

Source : ( official website )

Handsome Savior :

Little Angel :

Free as a bird :

 endless love 2


Kings Of Leon : Strap in their “ Mechanical Bull ” and enjoy the ride


Over the past ten years , Kings Of Leon have established themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world. They have managed to blend southern rock , blues and modern sounds to create their own unique style. Kings of Leon members may not be the most high energy band when on stage but  their music carries enough energy to light up a whole stadium if needed. Their music speaks for them and that is what matters the most.

Their latest album “ MECHANICAL BULL ” was nominated for the best Rock album at this year’s Grammy Awards and they definitely know how to make good rock songs but most of all , how to make them speak to the crowds. Almost ten years of experience and tours , have given the band time to evolve , create powerful music and deliver what their fans have been missing.

The group’s lead singer , Caleb Followill , has a rare voice made of rock. He admittedly possesses a wide range with a special raspy , rough and rugged tone that screams “ Rock ” from a distance. With the release of their sixth album , the band does not disappoint us. As a matter of fact it sounds like they never left. It can be seen as a rather introspective turnaround in their career , some sort of returning to their roots. Being a southern rock band at its core , Kings Of Leon have reached great massiveness and a certain creative peak but their formula of success remains resilient through the years. This time , the deliver an album that is professional , focused and testifies their status as a classic rock band.

Knowing how to structure songs of emotional impact , the band  often leaves you wanting more. In the case of “ Mechanical Bull ” , they certainly leave you with the desire to take another ride and enjoy songs of endurance. “ Supersoaker ” is instantly immediate and cheeky. “Don’t matter sets things off and reminds you of the kind of energy Kings Of Leon are able to create , at their best moments. “ Wait for me ” is a ballad full of longing that stands out. “ Temple ” suggests absolution through pain and hurt.

You can probably sense that the band has in a way come to terms with its identity. It is true that 2010’s “ Come Around Sundown ” was not that promising but I guess following the huge success of “ Only By The Night ” was not an easy thing to do. Kings Of Leon seem to have found the way to live up to their fans’ expectations by playing it safe and creating an album that takes them back to a familiar music territory .

Just strap in and Enjoy it !!!

Kings of Leon Official Website :

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Use Somebody :


Kings of Leon perform in SA