COLDPLAY’s haunting , atmospheric Ghost Stories


COLDPLAY have undoubtedly become one of the biggest acts in the world since their appearance in the music scene. Ghost Stories is their sixth studio album co-produced by the band with Paul Epworth along with returning Mylo Xyloto producers Daniel Green, and Rik Simpson and was released on 16 May 2014. Since the release of “ Parachutes ” back in 2000 they have given us so many brilliant samples of songwriting. We have loved songs that have made enough memories last for a lifetime and adored albums like “ A rush of blood to the head ” that had a great impact on us in many levels and managed to stand the test of time. However their latest self-referential album probably signifies a change of direction.

GHOST STORIES is an album of intimate nature , where Chris Martin is working out his private pain in public and full of songs that thread through mid-tempo soundscapes , tender , melancholic melodies ( that leave you with an optimistic feeling about love ) in combination with electronic touches , strings and ethereal voices. Everything sounds so serene , pristine and fragile to the point that gives you a sense of weightlessness. The whole album moves along on an ever-changing atmospheric , haunting bed of sound that justifies its title.

Though it is instrumentally brilliant and exceptional in terms of production , it kind of lacks the big anthems and there may be times you get the impression the band is trying too hard to prove it can get its point across without the formula that made them famous. Yet there is something inviting about Coldplay trying something new at this stage in their career and their new album can be seen as brave move of a commercially successful band.

The truth is that Coldplay’s listeners are definitely taken on a totally different kind of journey than they’ve gone on before and the sense of magic is somehow kept alive . Even if the album it fails to deliver the same kind of catharsis and excitement of their earliest work , it should be given a chance to win your heart. Emotionally engaging , tender and sensitive , their “ Ghost Stories ”come as a soothing musical balm and I guess time will determine whether they will stand the test of time or to what extend they will influence the band’s future steps.

Coldplay is always going to be warm, nostalgic, melancholic , sentimental , innocent and deeply touching in their own unique way. This is the same Coldplay who made Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head but this time slightly updated for more than a decade after their first arrival and in a more experimental mood.



Take a look at their new album that has already hit Number One in 72 countries & discover its amazingly inspiring artwork here :

Suggested Tracks : Midnight , Magic , Another’s arms , A sky full of stars , Oceans , Fly on

MAGIC video clip :

FLY ON video ( Press Full Screen and Enjoy the amazing artwork )  :



Coldplay announces new album “ Ghost Stories ”


It’s been quite a while since Coldplay’s last album “ Mylo Xyloto ” but it looks like they are back. After a lengthy world tour , the British group announced that its sixth album will be a nine-track record called “ Ghost Stories ” which is about to be released on May 19th and will be proceeded by their single “ Magic ”.

Their sound seems to have changed and they follow more experimental paths , showing us a rather different side from what we have been used to. Is it a bold new direction for the favorite band ? We will find out soon ! The cover artwork of the album features a pair of angel’s wings with sketched figures within which can be seen in detail with the help of a magnifying glass. 

One of the new tracks called “ Midnight ” was released on You Tube a few days ago. The video was directed by Mary Wigmore and shows the band walking through a dark woodland.  In order to whet their fans’ appetite , Coldplay have also revealed a full track listing of the upcoming album.


01.                     Always in my head

02.                     Magic

03.                     Ink

04.                     True love

05.                     Midnight

06.                     Another’s arms

07.                     Oceans

08.                     A sky full of stars

09.                     O


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Midnight video :

Magic :


Artwork :