THE BLACK KEYS : A duo with the power to put Rock’n’Roll in your soul


After several albums and a decade of hard touring , the two-man band from Akron , Ohio have virtually reached the masses. Trends may come and go but they stayed in their own sealed off world and kept evolving. In a strange era when radio hits are ephemeral and hollow , The Black Keys have risen to fame with the authenticity of their sound. Especially their two last LPs have gone platinum and have won them many Grammy awards.

They have written memorable songs and worked tirelessly to become better through practice , digging into old records they love , to discover what makes them so special, creating music , growing their audience and their influence on the music scene. Drawing on resources from the past , they have updated their music to such admirable forms that evoke nostalgia for real Rock’n’Roll . With blues-based blasts about inescapable heartaches , inevitable regrets , pain , insufferable girlfriends , inconvenient love , they have come to the forefront of the contemporary music scene and proved they are a band that can make a difference.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have somehow smeared the lines between blues , rock , R&B and soul , creating a kind of powerful music that gives you nasty body-rocking grooves. Like those bands of the good old days that you keep talking about. EL CAMINO  is probably their best work up to now , where the dark hearted blasts , the amazing riffs , the sleek sexy choruses , groovy and relentless beat twists , tempt you to sing along and get lost in the vibes of each track.

The Black Keys keep looking for ways to shake up that old days blues-rock rumble and they are doing it brilliantly. Being heavily influenced by blues-rock bands of the past but at the same time making those old riffs so current and new , they have admittedly crafted a catchy sound and an album worth listening to. They seem to have concentrated on the fundamentals , kept clean of unnecessary effects and dived into the rich well of American roots music, having proved over and over again that they understand the truth of rock and roll , country , rhythm and blues , with a sound that resembles no other. All these by having the right attitude and an undying belief in the freedom of music.

Songs like “ Gold on the ceiling ” give you the impression they existed forever. “ Sister ” is full of classic riffs and hooks worthy of another era and “ Little black Submarines ” features a combination of chords and reveals a mellower side. Most of the tracks in “ El Camino ” are reminiscent of those made long ago and the lyrics are so unpretentious and sincere which is not always that easy. Sounds that keep shouting “ I love Rock and Roll ”… and just like in the lyrics of their song “ Mind Eraser ” where the singer pleads ( Don’t let it be over ) , you keep wishing their music doesn’t stop.


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