Kasabian’s 48:13 ( Not giving into convention )

KASABIAN  –  48:13kasabian_mlh02101_website_image_sgjv_standard

Ready to headline Glastonbury this summer, Kasabian have a lot to prove in 2014. 48:13 is the fifth eagerly awaited studio album by the English rock band from Leicester. The album, produced by the band’s guitarist Sergio Pizzorno is named after its total running time. Kasabian have forged ahead … created their own template and though widely discussed could it just be their masterpiece ? Their latest album embraces their electro-funk roots and could be described as their most dance-influenced outing to date ( ‘Explodes’and ‘Stevie’ are a tangible proof ). An LP consistently strong on grooves , sincere , innovative without any doubt , daring and bursting with energy.

Kasabian are one of those bands that split opinion and I guess that always makes a band really interesting. Their inventive songwriting skills cannot be questioned and as a matter of fact , this time they prove to be a far more inventive group than expected. Their music takes some daring journeys that seem to surprise and then hypnotise their fans. Much of the heavy synth and the neo-psychedelia remains but finely tuned and enriched with more electro-rock elements that demonstrate the confidence of a band who aren’t interested in giving into convention.

They are daring and never do the obvious thing. Some might say they are an underrated force who never rest on their laurels. Always ready to take risks they avoid being led into a stale territory. Lets see where this new venture takes them 😉



NME’s Review on “48:13” and Photo Galery : http://www.nme.com/reviews/kasabian/15383#2

KASABIAN’s Official Web Site : http://www.kasabian.co.uk

GLASS ( video ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oR8yxUIHPk


• Tom Meighan – lead vocals
• Sergio Pizzorno – guitar, keyboards & electronic programming, vocals
• Chris Edwards – bass, guitar
• Ian Matthews – drums