Lana Del Rey’s bewitching , ethereal , compelling shades of ” Ultraviolence “

“Born to die “ established her as one of the most divisive musical figures of our age and by many she is considered to be a cultural phenomenon. It admittedly made such a polarizing impression because in a way it offered something that really didn’t sound like anything else. However she has proved to be a unique , intriguing figure on the contemporary music landscape.


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Lana Del Rey’s follow-up album “ Ultraviolence” comes as a pleasant surprise. Rather slow , moving , atmospheric , nostalgic , melancholic , dreamy and endlessly fascinating , it almost instantly strikes sensitive chords. The album simmers with a haunting , yearning feeling , a range of emotions and a quiet urgency as the one track moves to the next but without boiling over. creating moments of film-noir melodrama that literally permeate the majority of the songs.

Production from Dan Auerbach ( The Black Keys ) has greatly influenced the mood and the dreamscape of the whole album since he ended up producing seven of the eleven tracks. A dence album which is absorbed as an entire experience with even the weaker tracks contributing to the whole atmosphere. Lana Del Rey is digging deeper and seems to have complete control of her craft. As a matter of fact she has never sounder so compellingly crystalline and appears more complicated. More mature , captivating and as always not hiding her influences of the past as she often draw upon signifiers of the 20th century culture.

Try as you might , it seems hard not to be swept away by Ultraviolence’s sound. It feels like listening to a collection of mid-century ballads but with a different twist , permeated with blues-rock influences. You discover songs that whimper , howl , daydream , soothe , taunt , hypnotize , thrill , nod at cinema and deliver a real summertime sadness. Unadorned verses that gradually build up into massive ethereal choruses and an admirable thematic and musical unity that helps the album run smoothly.

The truth is that emphasis is placed on its little great moments that obviously make a difference and keep it consistent and charming. Minor touches and beautiful details that cannot pass unnoticed and make ULTRAVIOLENCE so cohesive and compulsively listenable from beginning to end. It seems that Lana Del Rey is given the well deserved opportunity to strike back and prove all her critics wrong. With her new album she takes a brave step towards becoming one in her own right but I guess she already is !!! She knows more than her share about love , despair , longing , regret , toxic relationships and sadness … so she steps into the shadows , whispers old secrets and gives voice to charming characters that never had the chance to speak for themselves.


Ultraviolence tracklist:

1) Cruel World
2) Ultraviolence
3) Shades of Cool
4) Brooklyn Baby
5) West Coast
6) Sad Girl
7) Pretty When You Cry
8) Money Power Glory
9) Fucked My Way Up to the Top
10) Old Money
11) The Other Woman
12) Black Beauty (bonus track)
13) Guns and Roses (bonus track)
14) Florida Kilos (bonus track)

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Lana Del Rey : Singing of dashed dreams , broken hearts & her dark paradise


Changing from Lizzy Grant to Lana Del Rey , she reinvented herself and it has really worked. Since her breakthrough in 2011 she has been roughed up by critics who doubt her authenticity. Actually she has caused quite a stir with her sudden success. However , it does not seem likely that she will be leaving  the music scene any time soon.

When “ Video Games “ first appeared on the internet , it was  praised for its hypnotic , authentic feel and the follow up “ Blue Jeans ” made her seem ready for the big time. The release of her second album “ Born to Die ” in January 2012 , confirmed her as one of the most compelling new pop stars around , although it received generally mixed reviews from music critics. Whatever the truth behind her phenomenal  success , there is little doubt about her talent and her commitment to her art.

Her sound can be described as chilling , seductive , tragic and somewhat addictive. Her songs eerily dreamlike , in combination with smooth melodies and half-gritty , half-angelic or darkly vocals , have won her millions of fans worldwide. Lana Del Rey could have easily walked straight out of a movie scene of a mid 20th century film and is according to many the embodiment of a lost beauty. Maybe that is what makes her appearance so special. Her vintage image is simply irresistible and so alluring.

Amongst her musical influences , Del Rey cites several contemporary artists such as Elvis Presley, Antony and the Johnsons, Frank Sinatra, and Eminem . “ I really  just like the masters of every genre”  she told BBC radio presenter  Jo Whiley. Her favorite artists include Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen.

For her fans she is a legend in the making , although she has been subjected to constant and  intense scrutiny as regards her back story , her real talent and her shallow live performances at times. Nevertheless it cannot be denied that she has been given the rare chance to restore our faith in the mainstream music industry. It remains to be seen where she goes from here and whether she is able to live up to our expectations.

The singer seems to have revealed that her new album “Ultraviolence” will be released in May. She told her fans during a recent meeting that the record will be released on May 1st , although she did emphasise that the date was not officially confirmed.


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