LONDON GRAMMAR : Exploring a world of emotions in grace


Responsible for one of 2013’s most impressive releases , the Trio from Nottingham have seen their album reach number two in the UK and enter top 20 around the world. LONDON GRAMMAR may have only formed last year but with their promising debut album “ If You Wait ” , their smooth grooves , catchy chords and amazing vocals , they have brought some more variety into the music scene.

They are among the hottest new music acts & this comes as no surprise. Twenty-three year old lead singer Hannah Reid emanates a vulnerability and sings effortlessly in a clear , yet passionate way. With Dan Rothman’s guitar lines and Dominic Major’s synths and drums , they manage to create  intricate and beautiful undulating patterns that evoke feelings and give an melancholic  , dramatic , atmospheric  tone to their music . The simplicity and the subtlety of their songs is compelling at times and Hannah’s velvety stunning voice , takes them to another level. The quality of her soaring vocals is admirable.  Even the smooth cover of Kavinsky’s “ Nightcall ” becomes their own and is in accordance with their style.

The listener explores a world of tender feelings , longing , love , fear of misspent youth , heart-wrenching confessions , hopes and dreams , in an emotionally charged atmosphere which is created due to the empowering quality of the vocals. London Grammar’s distinctive blend of atmospheric classical sound with electric beats , sets them aside from any other new band. Songs like “ Hey Now ” and “ Wasting my young years ” encapsulate their sound . “Interlude ” will mesmerize you … “ Strong ” demands you attention but at the same time more upbeat tracks can be found so that a balance is maintained.

The band Is still working on their sound and continue developing their skills. It surely takes some time to get things right but they seem to be on the right track. Their future material is highly anticipated and the three young Londoners’ music spells success in grace and style .




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